Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Do

Season 3 Episode #6 of the ABC TV show LOST. In this fall finale we explore the central theme of Kate’s back story and how it relates to the situation on the island. We analyze the dynamics between Jack, Ben and Juliet and how this cliff hanger might be resolved. We also explain the purpose for Eko’s death and just what Locke got out of it. We look into the significance of the name Jacob and what that might infer as well.


Sunday, November 5, 2006

Cost Of Living

Season 3 Episode #5 of the ABC TV show LOST. In this Eko centric episode we explore the nature of the smoke monster and it’s relationship to Eko and the shows mythology. We also take a closer look at the interaction between Jack. Ben and Juliet and whom might be the better choise to ally with. We also revisit LOST’s connection with ancient greek mythology. Plus a special promo for the 7t Son podiobook and the upcoming segment read by Nathan Fillion who will guest star on LOST next week.