Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cabin Fever

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 4 episode 11 of ABC's TV show, LOST, entitled Cabin fever. Curt's back and joined by Dan and Nancy Drew a.k.a Amy of Lostaholics fame ;-). Together we explore just why Fate is a fickle bitch and how that was shown with both Ben and John this week. Has Jhn been avoiding his destiny and only now on a journey of self discovery? What was on Keamy's arm and is Claire dead or alive. We don't have the answers but try to have fu exploring the questions.



Anonymous said...

Re: podcast discussion of Sun's takeover of her father's company. In the US if someone buys more than 5% of a company listed on a US exchange they have to file ownership with the SEC. That is not true in other countries. Sun could have been buying slowly but regularly at market prices until she had 51%. And it is possible she owned some portion of the company outright before she began stealth purchases. I was stuck by her statement that her father was one of "2 people" responsible for Jin's death. I think she is going to go after either Ben or Widmore with the resources of the company.

Anonymous said...


I was listing to your "May 15th Cabin Fever" podcast. I heard someone state that the Doc on the boat that washed a shore with his throat slit and a stitched laceration on his face, didn't have the scar on his face when Martin Keamy slit his throat and threw him overboard. I didn't see the scar on the Doc's face the first time I watched the episode. The second time I watched that scene more closely and I did see the scar on the Doc's face..

Just thought I'd mention that..