Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lostaholics reWatch: s01e23-24 & s02e01-02

Lostaholics reWatch of ABC's TV show, LOST. The inaugural reWatch podcast hosted by Lostaholics and Nancy Drew along with her old crew from the Black Rock, StephanyMac & LostLindsey . This group of podcasters, bloggers and fans revisit these episodes with season 5 eyes to see if there is any new meaning to be found in these past episodes.



Mitchell said...

I haven't finished listening yet, but, Nancy Drew, you have quite an imagination saying that we saw the other side of the raft confrontation and Alex was making the explosive.

I think you're probably thinking of in “Three Minutes” when we see the other side of the confrontation in “The Hunting Party”: “Three Minutes” Transcript (Do a find for Alex)

Anyway, I kind of doubt that they had casted Alex by then, and I definitely doubt that they had casted Richard by then.

Nancy Drew said...

Hi Mitchell

Yes, I was wrong about the boat scene, but I was also rushed in preparing for this podcast due to my vacation and other family things going on this week. I'm not sure exactly what I was thinking, but I'm sure it was the "Three Minutes" scene that I was thinking about. Sorry for the confusion.

Mitchell said...

That's okay. I've finished listening now, and here are some other thoughts I had.

I don't know why you say that Damon and Carlton lie on their podcast. (Although you had a joking tone, it seemed like you do believe that they lie.) In their first ever podcast (released after "…And Found" in season 2), they actually hint that there will be time travel, if anything. (transcript, do a find for "time travel")

Maybe you weren't thinking of their podcast, but rather a short piece put out by SciFi Wire during season 1, after "Special," with some quotations from Damon Lindelof. They do quote him as saying "There isn't any time travel." but the context is him explaining that they didn't show anything in the first part of season 1 that doesn't have any rational explanation in the real world. And that's true, we didn't see any time travel in the first part of season 1, nor did we see anything that could only be explained by time travel.

Even if you do view that one particular sentence of Damon's from way back in season 1 as a lie, it doesn't seem right to discount everything they say on the podcast. Obviously, jokes are jokes, and you have to carefully listen to their tone. And if you notice that something they say is a joke, it's really not worth reading into.

I think Lindsay said something about thinking that Jacob and MIB were competing for 10,000 years because she had heard them joke once and say 10,000 years about something, and I really don't think it's worth reading into things like that. They were looking at a ship that could have been the Black Rock, so I think it's probably a better guess that it was the 1800s then.

The time travel comment was the only example you were able to give of them lying on their podcasts, and it wasn't even from a podcast. The only other thing I can think of that could be construed as them lying, is when they said things like that we'll get more of Libby's backstory, but then later had to say that we won't get it, because Cynthia Watros didn't want to and/or they didn't have enough time left after the writer's strike. I wouldn't call them initially saying that we would get more Libby backstory a lie, because they probably thought it was true at the time. It just didn't work out.

About the Black Rock being on top of the Temple, that doesn't make any sense to me at all. The Temple is surrounded by the wall, and we certainly don't go through a wall when we go to the Black Rock. Also, Jin was at that temple wall when Rousseau's team first found it, and then flashed to the day that Rousseau killed her team, meaning that they must have found the Black Rock between those two times, and the Black Rock certainly wasn't on top of the Temple then.

You can see where the Black Rock and the Temple are on this map. His method for locating items on his maps allows him great accuracy by comparing mountain profiles in screenshots. It's worth looking through the tabs on the top of his site to see his other maps, as well.