Monday, August 3, 2009

Lostaholics reWatch: s02e07-10

Lostaholics reWatch of ABC's TV show, LOST. The inaugural reWatch podcast hosted by Lostaholics and Nancy Drew along with her old crew from the Black Rock, StephanyMac, LostLindsey as well as Heath (Lost Revisitied Now) and Matt (Keys to Lost) . This group of podcasters, bloggers and fans revisit these episodes with season 5 eyes to see if there is any new meaning to be found in these past episodes.



Sayid'sgirl said...

I love your re watch podcasts. You guys have alot of fun and are informative.
I don't have alot to say at the moment, only that I found another mirror image of Jack and Ana Lucia.

I read this at TLE's Lost blog by a poster named JayJay.

Not only are Jack and Ana leaders of their own groups but they both have parents that they worked under.

Nancy Drew said...

Ooo, that's a GREAT mirror image!!

I found myself wondering, when seeing Jack and Ana having that drink on the beach, if they would have had a dispute about leadership if Shannon wouldn't have been shot. I loved the point brought out in the listener email about Ana being the "leader" that Kate was meant to be.

Mairuzu said...

Oooo... that IS good. I like that one a lot. Opens up a lot of new theories and thinking about Ana's place in the continuum.

Nancy Drew said...

You'll all be happy to know that JayJay is a new member of Lostaholics and posting in the episode discussions about this week's block. Some very interesting points of view, too, I might add. I have opened up a thread for each of the four episodes so that anyone can leave their two cents for the upcoming podcast. I'll make sure to check those threads before Sunday's show!