Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lostaholics reWatch: s02e23-24 & s03e01-02

Lostaholics reWatch of ABC's TV show, LOST. The inaugural reWatch podcast hosted by Lostaholics and Nancy Drew along with her old crew from the Black Rock, StephanyMac, LostLindsey as well as Heath (Lost Revisitied Now) and Matt (Keys to Lost) . This group of podcasters, bloggers and fans revisit these episodes with season 5 eyes to see if there is any new meaning to be found in these past episodes.



Sayid'sgirl said...

Hey Everyone
Great podcast as usual.
There was a discussion about there not being any mention of Desomond's family.

There was a very brief mention in Flashes Before Your Eyes before Widmore interupts him during his interview. Widmore states that he didn't graduate from University. Desmond says No sir,I had to look after my 3 brothers after my father...

I've always wanted to know what happened to his father. Did he die, disappear or what. And where was his mother? Oh and who are his brothers?

Also did you notice the white bird (I assume it was a dove) fly out of the jungle near the bottom of the screen as they pan out from Dharmaville in the Season 3 opener?
Why do you think that was done?

I had some other things to say but have since forgotten them. lol (jello) I usually take some notes on the things you bring up that I have never thought about that I find interesting.

Keep up the good work I'll be listening Sunday night.(Unless it's been changed I haven't checked yet.)

Mikeytinscottsdale said...

Nancy's volume on the podcasts as of late seems a bit low compared to everyone elses. At times it's hard to make out what she is saying consistently. Maybe it's just me, but if there's a way to increase her volume it would be an improvement. Love the podcast rewatches.

Nancy Drew said...

I'm sure my husband will find it fascinating that I am not loud enough on the podcast, hahaha! I'm usually keeping him awake with all the jabbering I do!

I'll check my mic volume on the next show and see if it sounds a little better. :)