Friday, September 17, 2010

Reunion Show?

Chris' script is the first thing I've seen since the end of LOST that looks remotely interesting and worth talking about. So... I am going to take the script off to an island for a few days and read all of it, a la Saywer and the Bad Twin. I would encourage the rest of the Black Rock crew and fans to do the same. It should provide some interesting compare and contrast to the season 6 we did get.

If our show influenced this script then we can take the time to read it and see what it has to offer.


Anonymous said...

woo, first comment. haha.

i was first put onto the script by Dan. have downloaded, but will read it when we go away next weekend.

but looking forward to a Black Rock get together regardless.


Paul said...

I read the first dozen pages of the script and find it really boring to be honest. Makes me appreciate season six even more.

lostredux said...
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lostredux said...

Hey everyone-

Thanks for all the feedback.

Just wanted to let everyone know there is an updated script correcting some formatting errors if anyone is interested/still in the process of reading.
Just head over to the wordpress site.

Apologies for missing them the first time through.

Also, if anyone has any ideas/insights/theories to incorporate into a new rewrite I'd love to hear them.

All the best,

Curt said...

I'm only a dozen pages in too. I'm still getting used to reading a script but and am curious as to where it is going to go but it way to soon to say it is boring.

Paul said...

Sorry for calling it boring. I must have been having a grumpy night. Appreciate your time and effort and commend you for that it just didn't appeal to me. Was hoping for some more answers that we never got but it seems to be either rehashing or oompletley changing the mythology. I will still check out the podcast to see what everyone made of it.

Mairuzu said...

Oooo... Paul jumped the gun and went for the jugular. That's MY job! Watch it. ;)

Say, where's Lindsey to point out how wrong you were?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone still alive? I am rewatching Lost and it seems wholly obvious that Locke was the Man in Black. Anyway hope everyone is well. I'm watching Person of Interest now and enjoying it.

Eric Weissen

Mario said...

Guys I hope you are allright.

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