Monday, May 21, 2007

Black Rock: Greatest Hits

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 3 episode 21 of ABC’s hit TV show, LOST. In the penultimate podcast we eplore this Charlie centric episode. Curt explains why Hero's is the central theme this week and how that fits into everyone's story. We all want to know since when can Charlie swim? Was Desmonds 'vision' wrong? Did Ben make up the bit about Jacob wanting the timeline moved up? Is Juliet being completely honest? What is Karl's story? ...was he born on the island or not aging? What's with the Hatch and is it really a jamming station? ...why not just cut the cable?

Greatest Hits


Curt said...

Greatest Hits Research

1. Intro Theme Song
2. (D)Hello and welcome to the Black Rock podcast of ABC's LOST s3e21 entitled
'Greatest Hits'
I'm Dan Ramos and with me is Curt...
(C) ...Hello...

3. (D)Agenda

* Central Theme - Sacrifice
* 'A' Story: Charlie
* 'B' Story: Jack/Sayid
* Theories / Predictions
* RambleCast
o Desmond Moment
o SledgeWeb's Investigations!

4. (C)Central Theme - Sacrifice
A lot of deliberation on SledgeWeb but in the end it came down to Sacrifice for me. We kicked around 'selflessness, bravery, & heroes.' Funny thing is, I list Sacrifice in the show notes before it evened aired! Just based on the lat Des / Charlie epi where we got the exposition about the value of sacrifice. Selflessness or Bravery is probably a better fit though.

* Karl, in order to warn the Losties
* Bernard, to stay back and be a shooter
* Jin, same thing
* Des, in his offer to Charlie
* Juliet by offering full disclosure
* Sayid, in staying back and taking Jack's place, willing to die so the others can be rescued
* Charlie, for knowingly making the ultimate sacrifice to assure rescue

5. (C) 'A' Story: Charlie

In S1E15, 'White Rabbit' Charlies proclaimed...

S1E5 Charlie Jack! Jack! Jack! Hey Jack! Someone's out there. You've gotta... the current's... there's someone out there, look. I woke up and she's... I don't swim. I don't swim. here he is swimming to the 'rabbit' hatch!

Ring - nice sentiment, not much story

Was Desmond's 'flash' wrong? ...or have not just seen enough yet?

Nadia in the flashback?

Ben's return to camp. Ben moved the time table up a day and said it's what Jacob wanted?

6. (C) 'B' Story: ???

Juliet - Flooded Hatch? Did she know?
3 tents? Why 3?

Rose & Bernard! Bernard the shooter?

So that's what's Danielle Dynamite is for!

What's Karl's deal? He is about the same age as Alex, was he born on the island? Has he not aged in a while? Does he know the truth about Alex's parentage?

7. (C) Theories & Predictions

Hatch? Inter-dimensional portal?

Why not cut the cable?

Who's zooming who? Ben? Jack? Naomi? Juliet?


Guinevere said...

The .mp3 won't download from podtrac.

Anonymous said...

Yes I am having the same problem. It won't download...+ it sounds like deliverance wasn't mentioned in the outline so it will probably be boring anyway

Curt said...

It seems dead at TalkShoe, I'm on it.

Curt said...

Very odd. My BR feed on iTunes could download it but the LTN one did?? Either way something happened on TalkShoe's end so I verified my mp3 file and re-uploaded it.

Curt said...

TalskShoe servers are having problems. It's not just this show so I moved the file to and updated the links. My iTunes is pulling them down now so that uch is cool. Podtrac didn't last I ceck and TalkShoe wont until they fix their problems. Clicking the link will stream it straight to the browser where I assume most everyone has what it takes to play a mp3. Goes to show you, it's always something.