Thursday, May 24, 2007

Black Rock: Through The Looking Glass

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 3 episode 21 & 23 of ABC’s hit TV show, LOST. The Black Rock team tries to fill the void left by Big-O's initial reactions show with our quick-hitter re-hash of this season finale.

Through the Looking Glass


Anonymous said...

I wanted to comment and say that I pretty stongly disagree with your assesment that this ending was anything less than epic. For me this this is the single most significant event that will happen in the series.

You need to understand that the flashforward is probably one of the most clever tactics used in tv/film I have witnessed.

The problem is that everyone still thinks that rescue is the ultimate question, but it's not. People need to focus on the island as the main character and the central theme is how the island is singlehandedly giving ALL of the characters purpose in their lives. The island is giving everyone the CHANCE to redeem themselves, and clearly in jacks case, something happens between now and his escape where he falls from grace and fails to redeem themselves. Personally, I think it's the sacrifice of others to save Kate.

It is like the oracle said in the matrix 'you've already made the decision. Now you are here to understand it'

With the fact that some people get off the island on your mind, watch closely to see how cohesive the group stays. I can already see a large rift between the group...and i would bet that line will reflect the list that the others of people who were 'good'.

Trust me, we are in for a ride over the next few seasons.

Curt said...

Thanks for the feedback. I have to admit I am warming to the idea of the flash forward after some other comment I read on Sledgeweb (in the responses to the news item about my podcast no less (and one I didn't put in the news feed as that has never been about our show)).

You make an excellent point, in the third paragraph in particular which I will certainly cite in our regualr podcast next week.

Thanks again.