Friday, June 6, 2008

There's No Place Like Home Pt 2 & 3

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 4 episode 13 of ABC's TV show, LOST, entitled There's No Place Like Home Pt2 & 3. So just what do Sun and 'Chaz' have in common? Where's Faraday? Is Jin Alive? Why did the sky turn purple and where did the island go? We don't have the answers but we do have fun exploring the possibilities.



trubornwise said...

Absolutely excellent. Thanks for making this season of Loast more enjoyable and less crytic.

I hope that you will do a season 4 round up.

Many thanks

Curt said...

Why thank you very much. I want to do some off season stuff but have slipped into hiatus mode awfully easily. Still, we'll see if something doesn't present itself.

trubornwise said...


I know how easy it can be to slip into Hiatus mode. However I think that block Rock podcasts exploring the mythology of each season would be really cool.

You and Dan do a great job and compliment the show. Even if you don't do anything till next season I will be 'diggin' in the Black Rock archives and reminiscing.

All the best

Nancy Drew said...

So THIS is where to find Curt during the hiatus!! LOL!!

We should talk "ideas" for an off-season podcast. The comic is completely scanned and Comic Con is coming up.......possibly with a new ARG. I think we could definitely get some topics together. And you know you'd have to twist my arm to do one, hahaha! Hope you're having a great summer and that all is well your way!

Curt Yanko said...

Ok, I'm listening... start a google doc and shar it...

I just got my old laptop dusted off so I can surf the web under the stars on a summer night. I run Pidgin so you can look for me on gTalk, Yahoo or AIM.

Did we tell you that Dan I met a guy with a sound studio in downtown Hartford who wants to host a LOST season 5 premier with us podcasting out of the studio? Well,,, we did. Imagine... a sound both with a professional mic and mixer board... wow.

Nancy Drew said...

Oh My Gosh! Think of the sound effects you'd be privy to!! LOL Make sure you show up a half hour early so you get the "playing with all the buttons" out of your system before you start, LOL!!

trubornwise said...

O M G!

Please make it happen!

musepsycho said...

Sound studio quality! Nice!!

Great to hear that something might happen during the break. I guess the Octagon thing during & after Comic-Con would be something to talk about...

But most importantly: enjoy the hiatus!