Monday, January 5, 2009

Season 5 Pre-Show Scheduled!

It's that time again and we need toi dust off the mics and see if we can still record and post a podcast. So... we're scheduling a show for the 14th to do just that and while we're we're at it, lets talk theories.


LostGirl said...

WOOOO hooo!!! YAY!

Nancy Drew said...

Did someone say........podcast??

Just when I finally beat the withdrawls, you dangle the drug in front of me once again. Good thing I'm not a strong-willed person! haha

I'm looking for my mic and headset right now!!

Timothy said...

Awesome! I'm really excited about the upcoming premier, and I'm glad the podcast is coming back.

Here's a little theory I have, based on comic con footage, trailers, etc.

When the island vanished, it may not only have relocated geologically, but temporally. In this case, the island's inhabitants may be in one timeline (the present time the show has always been in), the Oceanic 6 would be in another (the flashforwards indicate they lived for 4 years or so and in 2008 or 2009 they decide to go back to the island), and I am guessing that Faraday and his raft-riding extras will be sent back in time to the hay-day of the DHARMA initiative.

So the show could be in 3 timelines:
1) 2008 or 2009 Oceanic 6,
2) 2004 losties on the island,
3) 1970s Faraday and crew.

Shot in the dark, but it'd be cool.

Sorry for the long comment.