Thursday, January 22, 2009

Because You Left & The Lie - Initial Reactions

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 5 Episode 1 & 2 of ABC's TV show, LOST entitled Because You Left and The Lie. Join the Black Rock host along with friends from The Smoke Hatch and Your Theories About LOST for an *initial reactions* podcast. Time travel and paradoxes dominate our opening discussion for season 5. But is Desmond a constant in more ways than one? Is Sun Evil or playing a long con?



thelau said...

I stayed far away from the spoilers including the Ads and the clip show, which at times that it was very very hard. So I enjoy the shows last night.

I think it is a nice begininnig.

trubornwise said...

Very good show from you guys. Curt, Dan and nancy Drew welcome back. I enjoyed Lost very much as I didn't do any spoilers apart from the Comicon but that didn't click as far as the crying baby.

Found this.