Thursday, March 12, 2009

LaFluer - Community Call II

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 5 Episode 8 of ABC's TV show, LOST entitled LaFleur.Nancy's 'mirror images' set us up before exploring some things we missed the first time. Where is Penelope at this time? Is Paul connected to the 'others' and how or why did they even allow Dharma to set up? What is up with Richard and all of the Egyptian references. We also take some time to pull back the lens and review some of the broader mysteries like the hatch, the button, the incident and Adam & Eve.



Crystal said...

You mentioned that Dharma might have been trying to use polar bears as they were using rabbits to time travel. Wouldn't they have actually made a polar bear time travel at one point since Charolette found a polar bear skeleton with a Dharma collar on in the desert?

Curt said...

That's exactly what we were alluding to.

musepsycho said...
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musepsycho said...

Lately there's been much discussion on Egyptian mythology, last season Tibetan religion was a hot subject. Christian, Jewish & Islam have been referenced throughout the show. We've also had Roman & Greek mythologies referenced, & plenty of "crypto historic" or pseudo scientific parallels like Atlantis, Agartha, Eden, Vile Vortices & the Bermuda Triangle... I think it's a mistake to hang on to any one of these "stories" to find an answer to what's going on, they're all part of one pattern which is the nature of the island. You touched on this in the podcast & I think it's the way to go!

I think it's possible that the Island is a place where all stories or ideas come from, or are represented in one way or another. It could also be a place which draws these stories, ideas & mythological fragments (or complete belief systems) to it, & manifests them in some form. I keep thinking of the realms of the Endless in the Sandman comic books, where all ideas & concepts are represented. The Island might also "feed" on these stories or concepts.

What we're watching on the show is of course the relationship between the characters & the Island. Some are more tied to the it than others. Alpert, Christian & the mysterious Jacob seem to be of the most important characters in this respect. Locke & Desmond have very special relationships with the Island. The fact that Claire & Christian get to live in the cabin could mean that the whole Shephard family has a particular significance. & there are plenty other special people. But are they all vessels for the ideas & stories?...

I think at the end of the line we'll find that the mystery of the Island wasn't so complicated as we thought, & that it was that the story lines of the characters that in the course of the show revealed the mythology, that was the happy ride of this show. I really enjoy the whole thing, & these last two seasons have been fantastic.

Sorry if this was long & pointless. I had to get it off my chest.


Anonymous said...

3 year gap: What happened during those three years? Did the Dharma losties ever end up leaving the island, at least for a short trip?

Hurley and Miles: Both see ghosts. Hmmm. I bet there's something there.

Richard Alpert as Ra: This seems to fit extremely well, and may hint as to where the show may be going.

1977: We don't see Daniel. Is he with the crew constructing Orchid at this time?

Charlotte: Charlotte told Locke about the well. Knowing about the well was what saved them. Without Charlotte would they have survived? Will Daniel realize this and thus be forced to repeat the past?

Smokie & Temple & Danielle: Maybe what happened to Danielle's group in the temple was not biological in nature but more in the nature of brainwashing? That might explain why the tailsection abductees are such a part of the others now.