Tuesday, March 31, 2009

He's Our You

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 5 Episode 10 of ABC's TV show, LOST entitled He's Our You. Curt, Dan and Nancy Drew give their usual treatment with a look at Mirror Images, What did we miss last Wednesday and any updated theories like why Ben has been dead all along or not.



Anonymous said...

Since Nancy Drew was so nice to plug my first blog entry at Lostaholics, I will take advantage to explain something. Curt when you appeared on the Lost Revisted show, Heath tried to ask you about something that happened in the BR chat room for the Monday Namaste show. That's the same one that I was in the chat room and then at the end of the show ND asked me to come and write since she knew I was still there. Earlier I was trying to get out my thoughts about the fact that Sayid was wearing purple and that is a villain color. Heath and Ms. Wendy were the main ones who were paying attention to what I was typing. We went back and forth making jokes about the villains clad in purple including but not limited too: Barney, Grimace, and Prince. Anyway since we didn't get to discuss it seriously, I decided to extend my thoughts into my first article. Heath couldn't remember who had made the purple comments and he thought maybe it was Lost Lindsey. Anyway that was me and what he was talking about turned into my article.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for wanting me to come back and call into the show again sometime. I LOVED being on the show the one and only time I have had the opportunity to. I hope to again, eventually as time allows. Also I am waiting to replace my cell phone and with it my free long distance. Curt will remember because it was my first time on a podcast call anywhere, and of course the jokes about that soon followed. Nancy Drew seemed to remember that I was on a call sometime but the details were hazy for her. I have a theory as to why. No, it wasn't Daniel's swiss cheezed memory problems. I believe it was psychological trauma. I have lived in her shadow for years as she beat me to theories. There were many times I would come to the same conclusions only to find out that ND would have already said them on air. Ok, so maybe most of the time she came up with stuff that I was never gonna think of. But on this show... no this show, I seized my revenge. I stumbled my way through most of the show but at the end when Curt did the last comment roundup I saw my chance. As I said my general thoughts about the episode I dropped my theory bomb. I was the one who said the Kate-is-the-proxy-for-Claire-as-the-pregnant-passenger theory. Yes, that was me. I stunned everyone and managing to do that was my Christmas present for the year. The point is that I beat Nancy Drew to a theory. I think that is eating away at her. That is why she conveniently doesn't remember which show I was on. Now as you know, I listen to most of the podcasts out there. I was by no means the only one to come to that conclusion. However this was an initial reaction show, recorded immediately after Lost aired. And as I recall you beat Big O to loading your show on to iTunes first. So the way I see it, I was the first one to say that theory, at least for those listening to a pre-recorded show. This is my best theory. I got it out there for all to hear and I believe it has an excellent chance of being true. I believe in it like Locke believes in the Island. I believe in it like Curt believes that Ben has ALWAYS been dead. And if this theory doesn't come to pass...

well then I never said a word.

Curt said...

You're the best Stefany, we love you.

Nancy Drew said...

Stefany, I think you were born a writer. You could be the Erma Bombeck of the 21st century! And I will concede defeat on the pregnant Kate theory. And I hope you're right about it because I'd truly love to see Evangeline Lilly fat, bloated, and with stretch marks that look like an Illinois road map! LOL

And for the record, I didn't remember which podcast you were on because of all the heavy drinking I do :D hehehehe.... Sorry, but the thought that you beat me to a theory has driven me to the bottle.