Thursday, April 2, 2009

Whatever Happened, Happened - Community Call

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 5 Episode 11 of ABC's TV show, LOST entitled Whatever Happened, Happened. Our mix of Lost Podcasters and fans provide some early observations and analysis just after the show airs each week. Just what does Loss of Innocence mean?



Aaron said...

Hey guys,

Great podcast as usual. I just have one comment.

I noticed the gunshot wound was on the Ben's right side this episode, and it was DEFINITELY on the left side in the last episode. So many people were saying Ben was shot in the heart and how could he survive?

I don't think this is a production error, I think it's deliberate, and similar to the pictures changing when Miles exorcised the ghost in "Confirmed Dead".

I read a theory at some point that what we, the audience, are seeing is flashbacks. Not only that, we are seeing them from the perspectives of the people involved. I think at the end of "He's Our You", we see the gunshot to Ben's left side because that's where Sayid thought he shot him. In reality, Sayid shot him in the other side, which allowed him to survive.

Curt said...

Ok, so I wasn't the only one, phew... As I read your post I was remember a bit of exposition from Jack, ...did you ever think that maybe the island was fixing things... I forget the quote, will need to look it up but words to that effect I believe. So perhaps we saw what happened and then we see how the Island has smoothed it over a bit.

Anonymous said...


I felt destiny call when you said that you need to find a nickname for "Yo! Card Catalog" aka Nancy Drew. Here is my contribution:

1)Professor Amy
2)All Knowing Amy
3)Omnicient Amy
4)Encycolpedia Amy
6)Dewey Decimal Drew
7)Database Drew
and my personal favorite
8)Know-It-All Nancy

Lost requires the hardiest of mental memory banks. It's good that you realize that you are in the presence of greatness, Curt. But then again maybe you just don't love it enough...;)

Nancy Drew said...

I kinda like "Nancipedia", hahaha!

Let's see if I can find any helpful information within my pages.....hmmm........

Toddler: One who toddles, especially a young child learning to walk.

And it's a good thing that Lostpedia listens to our podcast, otherwise they wouldn't have any good information! HAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

You mentioned on air that someone had posted in the chat that Ben was surprised to see Locke... That was me. I think I went on to say something like 'obviously Ben never expected to see Locke again'. I was surprised that other people in the chat actually debated that and didn't agree with me. I can't imagine why.

Also on someone else's podcast this week YOU said something about wondering if we would find out that in the first season (or pilot episode)another character was dead and got revived. I think you were being sarcastic. The subject might have come up in defense of your Ben-has-always-been-dead theory(may it rest in peace). Well... I hate to be the one to tell you this(ok, you're right I really love it), but there may in fact be a couple of dead characters. Rose needed CPR from Jack, after Boone screwed it up. And this one is far more interesting. Claire stated that 'the baby' hadn't moved since the crash. We know that she was on her hands and knees screaming when we first met her. She might have been injured enough to kill the baby. It wasn't until Jin gave her some kind of seafood that he started kicking. This of course led to one of the first funny scenes of the series.

Scott said...

Hi guys, love the Podcast

There's one thing I haven't heard from you guys, or really anyone else, and that is the theory that things were different when the Donkey Wheel was off its axis. Meaning that history COULD be changed. This is why Farraday was constantly telling the Flashies not to interfere. It was why he could give a message to Desmond. It may be a reason that the Flashies could exist on island in the same time as their earlier selves without damage to the Space Time continuum also.

I believe that Farraday is going to try to knock the wheel off its axis again in order to open the "pinhole" to get a message to the future.

Thanks, keep up the good work

Anonymous said...


Good catch! I don't think I've heard anyone suggest this idea either. I think it's a great possibility that an anomaly might change/fix things. This has already been hinted at with the whole Des-is-special bit.

I also agree that Faraday seemed to change his tune from don't interfere to "whatever happened, happened". It's entirely plausible that it might have to do with the anomaly of the unhinged donkey wheel.

It's a good theory to lean on for now because I think we need something out of the ordinary to get the right people in the right time. I say this because it's evident that this time travel business is an anomaly. Richard seems to have ALWAYS been there and he didn't know what the heck was going on when Locke came to him in 1954. I think that would suggest it's never happened before.