Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hiatus Special - Theorycast

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Special Hiatus Edition TheoryCast of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew and friends pull back and turn their season 5 eyes and talk time loops, resets, multiple time lines and whether or not Locke is the son of Jacob or if Aaron is the descendant of Nemesis.


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arturo said...

I think I know how Faraday's message took that long to get to Desmond!
Its the number 108, the sum of all the numbers.

There are 52 weeks in one year, so 108 weeks is almost exactly 2 years! So it was about year 2005 when the message was sent and received in about 2007, this is very possible!

I guess Faraday knew it will take that long for the message to arrive. But not sure what he meant by "rules don't apply to Desmond" maybe if rules apply then message will be lost in time, but since rules don't apply then it takes 108 weeks for the message to register?

JayJay said...

@arturo 2 years from when? The message was sent pre-crash.

JayJay said...

I'm not sure how the temple could protect the others from time-shifting when they weren't even in it when the island moved. As we could see Locke assemble himself with the Others, and then the white light came. It could be that they had been there something happen to them that made them immune to the shifts, not necessarily being in it at the time of the shifts.

JayJay said...

If we are the theorize that Jacob is Aaron grown up. Then who is Nemesis? Maybe Charlie Hume? Or Ji-Yeon, but stole someone's body who now looks like Titus Welliver.

JayJay said...

Personally, I don't think Locke is special. He is only made special by the fact that Nemesis needed him in his loop-hole plan. Nemesis instilled in him. belief and then Locke himself planted the seeds of being divine to Richard. Now Richard is finding reason to think he is special, when he is not. We could see he wasn't in his visit with child Locke.

So Richard is still in search of a worthy leader, who should be Jack Shepherd.

arturo said...

I agree too, Locke is the loophole, this is the only thing that makes him special!

Degringolade said...

Sorry I missed the Hiatuscast. My Twitterfeed has become unweildy. But here are some thoughts that popped into my head while I was listening.

-Maybe we haven't seen the Temple yet because the theory about time travelling to ancient times was correct and seeing statues and Temple drawings of our favorite characters would have been kind of a giveaway.

-I think multiple timelines would be too difficult to start and resolve in a single season. Particularly a season in which the writers have plenty of issues they need to resolve already.

-A lot of attention was paid during the podcast to the prerequisites for leadership used by Richard to eventually find John Locke and test him. One possibility that was left unexplored was whether the rules were specifically created for and tailored to John in the first place.

-And time travel as a plot device took an unfair amount of criticism I thought. It does complicate the plot, but the "what if" scenarios it creates are probably more complicated than the plot will eventually be revealed to be. I think it is a genius red herring that causes anyone who thought they had the series figured out (or could even conceivably predict what would happen)to be thrown for a "loop."

Great job guys.


Nancy Drew said...

I think, if we follow the patterns of the big reveals in previous seasons, we can safely assume that the Temple will be the unveiled location in Season 6--similar to the caves, the Swan, the barracks, and the orchid. At least I hope this is the case. But maybe, in order to find the temple that Richard was supposed to take the others to, we have travel back in time. That could be the answer to that question that keeps looming about why they didn't time travel with our Losties. But then, like it was said previously, Richard and the others were not in the temple when the island was moved. John was standing there talking to him in the jungle outside of the orchid.

I am a little worried that we won't get a solid answer to this part of the puzzle--who time travels and who doesn't. The only logical explanation (to me) would be that Richard and the others didn't travel with because they are on their OWN timeline--like in Daniel's timelines drawing.

Mairuzu said...

Or it could be left a mystery for a more spiritual Fantasy Island rip-off spin-off series, 'FOUND' :P

Anonymous said...

I know the common theory about the fertility issue on the island is, that it all began when the statue was destroyed.
I think it began when Hawkins shot Daniel. The Island granted her a child and she shot it. So after that no one could conceive a child AND give birth to it on the island. Maybe due to the time paradox with Daniel being shot and being alive at the same time. (also that thing about the whomb of the woman looking like a 70 year old one comes to mind.) But think of it. We know that fertility wasnt an issue shorty before Hawkings shot Daniel, because Juliet helped Annie birthing her Child. So unless the Statue was destroyed in 1977 or afterwards, i cause thats the best guess.

(Sorry for my bad english)

greetings from germany

Degringolade said...

Since I hope for more scientific explanations and see a lot of the spiritual stuff as misdirection, I lean toward the "Jughead did it" rationale for the fertility issues.

JayJay said...

But would the radiation from the Jughead do what Juliet explained in previous episodes ie. immune system turns of the fetus. I thought radiation would only cos mutation, baby would be born with abnormalities.

Degringolade said...

I'm not entirely familiar with the effects of prolonged exposure to nuclear material + how those effects work in concert with extraordinarily high levels of electromagnetism. But I don't think Juliet is either.

Curt said...

The Magnetism is probably the better of the practical explanations and I don't feel it is related to Jughead. It is just the island as articulated by the healer near Ayers(sp?) Rock.

Nancy Drew said...

Not that I'm very "up" on the subject, but from what I understand when reading about both the radiation poisoning and the electromagnetism exposure is that some symptoms are very similar. High doses or prolonged exposure to electromagnetism can cause severe cell mutations that are fatal. This could be the reason for the infertility.