Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lostaholics reWatch: s04e08-10

Lostaholics reWatch of ABC's TV show, LOST. The inaugural reWatch podcast hosted by Lostaholics and Nancy Drew along with her old crew from the Black Rock complete with LostLindsey. Also back on the scene is The Sargent, our newest member. Collectively we revisit these episodes with season 5 eyes to see if there is any new meaning to be found in these past episodes and whether or not Stevie Wonder is God!



JayJay said...

Maybe the nightmares are a side-effect of leaving the island. We know Michael left the island too. He seeing and being haunted by Libby, could be his nightmare. Why else would he be suicidal if not for nightmares.

Could Mile's ability similar to hearing the whispers, only at a higher volume. For him it's constant, but for the Losties it's only when something bad is about to happen.

JayJay said...

Lindsey's got a point about Claire. Although I have a twist on it. What if Sawyer actually revived her, after all Jacob did touch young Sawyer. The same way it appeared that Locke revived Charlotte after being shot by Ben (although that's a differnet case since she wore a bullet proof vest). Which makes me think, those that are touched by Jaco might have the ablity to revive people, Jack healed Sarah and revived Charlie after the incident with Ethan.

JayJay said...

Nancy the connection you had with Ben and Dean Moriarty has already happened in a sense. Henry Gale died and was brought back to life as Ben Linus.

ross said...

hi guy, i've been listening to your show for a while now, its really interesting and is really helping get through the hiatus. are any of your regulars on tiwitter?

I'm @revoltingross if you wanna catch up on there sometime

I also have a my own podcast that i do with my mate james:

...lost comes up from time to time (usual when i'm reviewing something and i wax lyrical on how that thing could be better if it was more like lost)

if any of you guys have a mp3 audio promo/trailer for any of your podcasts send them over and i will be sure to include them.


JayJay said...

I love what Sgt Draino said about Ben asking Locke to stay close to him because Locke needed protection. Although this was my original thought. I thought Ben wanted to protect Locke because Jacob told him that it was important what fate was ahead for Locke. We know Ben thinks whoever in the cabin is Jacob, and our thoughts is that MrX is in the cabin, put there by Jacob. So it's possible jacob's nemesis needs Locke in his loophole plan, and has told Ben that Locke is important to his plans. This is why he must keep Loacke alive.

Nancy Drew said...

JayJay, I actually took some time last night to set up Lostaholics for episode feedback on tomorrow night's show. Can you believe that? LOL! Thanks for your message there.

The connection I was making with Ben/Moriarity was that the other half of that equation would then be Widmore in the role of Sherlock Holmes. Widmore is trying to solve the "mystery" of where the island is, so it could fit. But then the connection would be that, in their final conflict (which is yet to be seen on Lost), we will probably not know the fate of either one since that is what happened in the original Sherlock series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Both hero and nemesis went over the edge of a cliff with neither confirmation or denial of their deaths.

As for Miles' ability......something made me think about his "gift" in this week's block--meaning the season 4 finale. Miles, Charlotte, and Dan are on the island in the present (2004) when Miles says to Charlotte that she was trying so hard to get "back" to the island--referencing her being there sometime in the past. When they start skipping back and forth in time, Charlotte dies while they are in 1954. Could Miles have come in contact with her dead body and known her story that way? And is this how Miles knows about Claire's fate? Did she actually die in that house and Miles was able to sense her dead body? It would definitely explain why he kept looking at her despite his "restraining order" from Sawyer. He probably couldn't figure out how he was able to detect her otherworldly self and see her animated in a physical sense.

arturo said...

I was laughing so hard when you guys mentioned about how those freigher comando squad had the time to burry Rousso and Carl, I never gave a thought but now I just realize how awkward this situation become! It appears that they planned for major battle, so I do not understand why did they waste time burrying them...perhaps it was the "others"? Or smoke monster has the ability to speed-burry corpses with faces uncovered? Very strange, and another Lost mystery, yet to be answered!!

goldbeadz said...

Cabon Fever -- Christian has a decided beard growth. How does a corpse being transported back to LA from Sydney have beard growth?

In There's No Place Like Home -- Ms Dekker clearly nods to someone sitting in the airplane en route to talk to the Oceanic 6. Who could that person be -- Abadon?

I also think that there is much more to Sun. I don't think she is on the good side. We have seen her lie to her father about the maid breaking the glass ballerina which gets the maid in trouble; she has the affair which ends up bad for bald guy and she appears very comfortable in setting up an alliance with Widmore. I know Jacob touched her but I just don't know if she is "good".

Ben's "so" after killing Keamy is just the creepiest line. Is this how is loss of innoncence is manifested -- not caring about the deaths of all those people?