Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Has LOST meant to you?

Black Rock LOST Podcast: of ABC's TV show, LOST. Special Edition by Curt as an entry into the JOpinionated Lost DVD contest. And since LOST has more than anything been about podcasting, I chose a brief podcast as an entry.



Trollonymous said...

Short but sweet.

An honest ode to podcasting and to community.

Your commitment became even clearer in the most recent podcast. Despite your statement that it was too late in the game for more tweaking, you tried out software you were previously unable to use. I think it showed a kind of broad-minded humility most people wouldn't excersise at this point in the process. My hat's off to you.

As for what LOST has meant to me?

Let me think about that.

JayJay said...

It's amazing how many friends I've made online. From all over the globe.

Jo said...

Curt - Thank you for taking the time to do this for the contest. It is very personal and sincere. Very well done, my friend.

Mairuzu said...

Watching Lost on TV has been gratifyingly similar to reading a series of novels. For all the criticism television gets as a mind-numbing medium, this type of programming proves that you have have rich, artistic and meaningful storytelling in a visual-audio medium like television at least as educational and detailed as written word has long been.