Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Black Rock: The Constant

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 4 Episode 5 of ABC’s hit TV show, LOST entitled The Constant. Is it all just a paradox or can Love /Trust & Faith conquer all? Dan and I try to make sense out of this mind warping episode of LOST and if we can't do it then maybe the music of POL can!

Also, as promised, here is the link to 'Previously On Lost' if you want to hear more or buy the music we featured.

The Consant

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Anonymous said...

I was listening to your podcast for "The Constant" and I'm sorry guys but you really need some help with your Desmond timeline...
1996- Des is @ boot camp (he had broken up with Penny recently)
until 1999-2000- he's been in prison
2000-01- he's training for the race sponsored by Penny's father, Penny finds him @ the stadium where he also met Jack
2001- he goes on his race around the world in the boat Libby gave him, he gets stranded on the island and starts pushing the button with Kelvin
Sept.22nd 2004- he was late pushing the button and was the probable cause of the plane crash
Dec 2004- the hatch implodes, Des get a blast of electromagnetic radiation (the sky turned purple like the light Dan exposed the rat to) and his consciousness from 2004 goes back in time ("Flashes before your eyes") That's why he remembered the island and Charlie was probably his constant and that's probably why he didn't die that time.
Dec 24th 2004- Des's 1996 consciousness goes into 2004 Desmond's body and starts going back and forth until he finally makes contact with Penny and his 2004 consciousness returns to the correct Des's body.
Hope this helps you out a bit, great podcast by the way!
Puerto Rico

Curt said...

You are of course right and I'm sorry to say this was the least prepared we've been due to my travel. It was all only made worse by the fact that the whole subject was very confusing.

We are very grateful that you enjoy the show, tell your friends!