Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ji Yeon

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 4 Episode 7 of ABC’s hit TV show, LOST entitled Ji Yeon Karma sets the stage for two big questions this week. Is Ji Yeon Eve to Aaron's Adam? ...and, Can we make any sense out of the freighter, the fake plane and just what exactly they mean?

Also, as promised, here is the link to 'Previously On Lost' if you want to hear more or buy their music. I promise I'll fix my ability to add them to the show for the final episodes.

Ji Yeon


savagist said...

you know this show is terrible when NO one is even sure where Sun was when they visited the tombstone.

a) why would everyone in a hospital in LA be speaking Korean? for fun? something extra you pay for to feel more at home in Korea? haha.. theres also Korean on the door as she enters the hospital.

b) Sun to Hurley: "i cant believe you came all this way." its not that difficult to travel around the LA area to visit someone.

if the writers are REALLY just trying to be "genius" by creating so much confusion and chaos to only wrap up loose ends later as their mechanism for quality storytelling... yikes.

heres a question to chew on: if Sun doesnt take off her ring in the hospital, how come she was putting it back on later from the ziplock bag when Hurley comes over?

Curt said...

I hear you. I was stunned when the idea that they were in L.A. was floated but hey... it took me a whle to grap the flashback for Jin too so I try to stay open.

The ring has been bothering me too. Seemed like a production error that the bag had the wrong name on it too.