Friday, March 14, 2008

Ji Yeon - Initial Reactions

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 4 Episode 7 of ABC’s hit TV show, LOST entitled Ji Yeon Our initial reactions show where many of us were reelling from the idea that it was Flashback and Flash Forwards! But is Jin Dead? Why did Regina walk off the boat with chains? Did Kevin Johnson look familiar or was that just me!? Can we trust the person telling us not to trust the captain?

Also, as promised, here is the link to 'Previously On Lost' if you want to hear more or buy their music. I was unable to play clips this week, sorry.

Ji Yeon


Anonymous said...

how come no one on the boat cares that Desmond is/isnt "sick" anymore? oh yeah, cause this show is written and organized like a comic book.

Anonymous said...

Better yet, why hasn't anyone on the island, like JACK, realized the increased healing ability? Locke has a bullet go through him and he's walking around like nothing happened and nobody ever blinks? What about all the times Sawyer was shot? Ben's surgery? Jack himself almost crushed to death in season one?

musepsycho said...

Jack has consistently refused to acknowledge the supernatural phenomena on the island. He's obsessed with having control, & if he can't explain something he ignores it. Only when he's back in the real world does he realize how stupid that was.

Plenty of the other survivors accept the healing properties, like Locke & Rose. But of course, they seldom talk about it ;)


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call two people "plenty."

Curt said...

Yeah, I try to avoid these kinds of 'motives' but valid points none-the-less.

The other thing we forget is that we see the 'story' and not all of the mundane interactions. One exception this week was Kate actually telling other Losties what happened! How many times have we complained about that in the past?

Nice to see some acivity on here!