Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 5 Episode 7 of ABC's TV show, LOST entitled 316. Nancy Drew's 'Mirror Images' replaces our 'Central Theme' segment. Our usual On & Off Island analysis but with not a lot of new info since the Community call we'll pull back and look at the implications of Time-Looping. Curt also explains why he feels our favorite 'story' lacks a 'narrative'

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Eric Weissen said...

Hi Guys,

Great show. I'm 46 seconds into it. Here's my thoughts.

Kate died when the cabin exploded at the other's camp. The attack by Widmore's Mercenaries.

Miles was looking at her strange because he could not figure out how she was dead yet living.

The O6 are now in danger of being purged if they assimilate with the Darma Initiative as they are not too far off the time when Ben does his thing.

The flash took the O6 off the plane and placed them back where the other Losties were, same time line.

The plane crashed and there are survivors. The Arab looking fellow is the one that left the Ajira water bottle on the beach and shot at Locke, Julliette, Sawyer, et al.

Any thoughts?

Eric Weissen said...

Apologies, my last post was meant to read Claire instead of Kate.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you said about confusing the mirror images with proxies. That's because this is a confusing show that I've been trying to figure out for 5 seasons. As the years have passed there have been some things that bug me. One thing was the shootout at New Otherton where Claire's house was blown up to the studs yet her only injury was a small cut to her head. And somehow a picket fence and a lot of air seems to be kevlar for Sawyer when every red shirt around him is mowed down. Once I heard someone point out the fact that the island probably still had work for them to do, I relaxed and let it go. I began to realize that I needed to pay more attention to the points in the show that bothered me. Those things seemed to have deeper meaning. I have been growing more and more restless over the fact that the writers have been repeating names left and right over the course of the show. Of course that happens in life all the time. It never happens in TV and movies. I think they consider viewers too stupid to keep them straight. The worst example of this was having a "Daniel" and "Danielle" actively a part of the show at the same time. So it bothered me more and more everytime it happened. They do the same thing with phrases. It felt as if the writers were too lazy or unimaginitive to come up with new ideas. This is Lost so I knew that couldn't be true. Since last season I have been trying to figure out what the repetion meant. When Nancy Drew started talking about mirror images I started getting really excited. And by the time "316" aired I was really trying to piece all of these ideas together. That's what I love about season 5. I feel less confused as the season passes. I have few complaints about the season and look forward to more answers.