Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - Community Call

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 5 Episode 6 of ABC's TV show, LOST entitled The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham. Our mix of Lost Podcasters and fans provide some early observations and analysis just after the show airs each week. So how is in what time lime? What happened in the plane and is Caesar a mole for Widmore? Is Widmore the good guy after all? We may not have all of the answers but we do have fun talking about it all.



Anonymous said...

's not working :(

Curt said...

Thanks, should be fixed now.

Aaron said...

Great show as usual guys... I just wanted to mention that the office that Cesar and the others are in on Hydra island is actually shown in a Season 3 deleted scene as being Ben's Hydra office.

Here is the link: