Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Little Prince

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 5 Episode 4 of ABC's TV show, LOST entitled The Little Prince. Dan, Amy and I try to sort through some of the questions we have about who is up to what. While we struggled for our 'central theme' we do take at a look at some of the literary references in this episode. We also wonder if the Island, skipping through time, is causing things like Yemi's plane and Rousseau's boat to crash on the island.



Eric Weissen said...

Thanks guys! As always a great show.

Aaron said...

Hi guys,
I am the infamous "Anonymous" who left the comment on the last week's podcast. Thank you guys for talking about it, and I'm glad you think it's a good theory.

I have a couple things that I have thought about since I initially posted this.

1. The island has to be moving in space as well as time in order to account for picking up things from different oceans. I think this is confirmed by Ms. Hawking's computer which had "Event Window" stars on a few different spots in the oceans.

2. If #1 is correct, how is it the island never flashes on land, only in the water? Flashing on land would be disastrous I would think.

3. I'm not sure how this theory works with future events. We have the flash to the outriggers with Ajira water, but they are present before the flash.

4. I just wanted to clarify that not every flash leads to an event/arrival, and not every event/arrival corresponds to a flash. We have the whole business of being able to get to the island through the bearing, although I'm not sure if this was possible before the Swan imploded. Michael and Walt were able to leave on the bearing, but this was right after the Swan imploded. Which really points to the fact that Ben knew what the Swan did, since he gave Michael the bearing.

Curt said...

Ahh.... Anonymous Aaron...

I am spending a great deal of energy trying to get my head around the time stuff too. I recommend the recent Doc Jensen piece (not that I agree with all of it).

I would say though that we need to think in terms of being 'unstuck' or 'skipping through time' much like our phonograph metaphor. The uncomfortable part of that is the implication of fate (fatalism) since we have skipped forward now.

I am less inclined to think the skipping is causing stuff now since I don't think Richard, for instance, saw the sky flash when John poofed away. Nor did we see a sky related event when John and crew showed up to see the hatch light.