Thursday, May 7, 2009

Follow The Leader - Community Call

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 5 Episode 15 of ABC's TV show, LOST entitled Follow The Leader. What a great set-up episode! Our mix of Lost Podcasters and fans provide some early observations and analysis just after the show airs each week. Locke has a purpose... killing Jacob!



Aaron said...

Hey guys,

I had a couple things from the episode that I didn't hear you mention.

1. Richard's boat-in-a-bottle at the beginning. I'm pretty sure it's your podcast's namesake, the Black Rock! The sails are consistent with a boat from that era.

2. Radzinsky tells Sawyer to draw him a map to the hostiles. Is it possible that this is the main source for the Blast Door Map? We know Radzinsky does most of it.

Aaron said...

Ah crap, I wrote this as I was listening to the podcast and literally wrote my comment a minute before the guy from the Smoke Hatch mentioned the ship in a bottle.

Point #2 still applies though

Curt said...

Thanks, we'll be sure and get them in Mondays show.

Mairuzu said...

I rewatched last night's Lost. I'm more.. and more convinced that Alpert is Jacob. Even the way John looks at him.. that tweaky look.. as he tells everyone he's going to see Jacob makes me think that JOHN knows Alpert is Jacob.

On the map: I had that thought during my first watch-through too. I just didn't see anything pointing toward that so I didn't bring it up.

Mairuzu said...

Also--some other thoughts I had:

I wonder if the ancients on the island 'trapped' the smoke monster inside the temple tunnels underground.. and that blowing up the hydrogen bomb actually lets it FREE.

The giant Anubis statue might be a warning to everyone that comes there... what with Anubis being the very rep or symbol of judgment after death.

Once it was freed, maybe it destroyed the statue

Curt said...

I really don't think the Jughead will go off but they will end doing/causing what they are trying to avoid and end up releasing that energy (like the Orchids).

ESpot said...

Mairuzu - I agree with the smoke monster being unleashed when the blast happens... I think i am assuming that the smoke monster cannot travel through water, the tunnels are blocked by water and when Benry summoned smokey he went down and "flushed the toilet" unblocking the passage with water, so i believe this is a highly probable!

Nancy Drew said...

There was a question about whether Richard was building a "Black Rock" in a bottle......

I posted an image I made using a screencap of the ship in a bottle and the painting featured at auction in The Constant (side by side for comparison):,com_smf/Itemid,53/topic,1371.msg30605/#msg30605

And let us not forget that on that ship, there were a pair of handcuffs that were if someone had escaped from them after arriving on the island.

Also, was it me, or are we being show proof that the island slows the aging process? Ellie was 17 in 1954, making her 40 in 1977. Maybe it's just me, but if she's supposed to be 40 in this episode, then the Island of Olay is doing WONDERS for her appearance! Not that 40 is an aged look, mind you, but she didn't look a day over 30!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember if you covered this. Ellie and Widmore were whispering in the background and he touched her abdomen. Most podcasts were speculating that the touching of abdomen might be meaningful. If you watch that scene with the captioning on, it clarifies what they are saying. To paraphrase, he is concerned that she is showing them to the bomb, "in her condition". Case closed. She is pregnant.

Eric Weissen said...

Here's some theories

Richard Alpert is Jacob, what better place for a deity to be than among the people as an 'advisor'. A perfect disguise and security. Also if you notice he always asks people if they are sure whether they want to take a course of action.

John Locke is now the bad twin. he has not been taken direction from Jacob but the Island or more likely smokey. My thoughts is that there are two opposing forces on the island light and dark (to quote Dan) hence the conflicting messages from dead people etc.

Stewart Rudzinsky is with the Darma Military/Secret Police. That is why he is in the know with certain projects and has been so quick to take charge. He also wears a distinctive black uniform as do all his cohorts.

Anonymous said...

Curt, Dan and Nancy,

1) This one has Nancy all over it. When I asked my husband what he thought about the 'kill Jacob scene' he surprised me. He said a koan(?) popped into his head while watching the movie. "If you see the Buddha on the side of the road, kill him". Apparently his understanding of it is that the real Buddha lies within so if you see him, he is false. I came across this as I googled. There are a cajillion more.

2) My take on it was different. Locke has been mystically tied to the island and Jacob for a while now. It would seem false for him to be going against it now. My bet is that he is trying to help Jacob. Jacob seems to be stuck. Perhaps the only way to free him is to kill him. Darlton has talked about reincarnation at least a couple of times this year in their podcasts. They even worked it into a show in the form of an anagram of the van's name, Canton-Rainnier. Why? They haven't done anything with it. Maybe Locke is trying to kill Jacob so that he can be reincarnated. But we need an unborn baby to make this theory work. This is where it get's crackpot. You'll recall my first call into the show was to lay down my 'Kate is pregnant' theory. I know, I know. It's a reach. I'm just sayin' we need an unborn baby to give this theory legs.

and finally

3) Just a quick thought about Daniel. When he first came to the island via the freighter helicopter, what's one of the last things that he said before he jumped/was pushed out? "Where's my vest?" He was looking for his bullet-proof vest. Is it possible that he was warned that he might be in danger of being shot on the island. Could it be that Mum or Dad tried to undo fate?


Anonymous said...

BTW the actor that played the Orchid 'workman' and 'Jason' the Other, his name is Ariston Green. According to imdb he has been in 5 eps as Jason and one as workman. Given this I find it ridiculous that the show would overlook the fact that he had already appeared on the show. I also find it unlikely that he is an un-aging Other, since we have seen Others age. Oh and also, Jason is the unfortunate Other that died via Sayid's break dancing ankles. One of the more notorious deaths on the show. Come on guys. Ok Curt, I may have to reconsider writing the article, "Bring Me the Head of Greg Nations.