Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Variable

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 5 Episode 14 of ABC's TV show, LOST entitled The Variable. Curt, Dan and Nancy Drew give their usual treatment with a look at Mirror Images and our new-ish, Narrative Update, What did we miss last Wednesday and any updated theories. Ms Hawking dominates the discussion with just how much she knew and how. Also her relationship with Charles ai in, what's up with that? So... our big season opener with Damiel in the Orchid turns out to be a throw away scene?!



Anonymous said...

I'm listening to your podcast. You had a question about how did Mrs. Hawking know about Desmond's hair as a child. You joked that she may have had an affair with the head monk at Desmond's monastery. I just saw the episode where they show how Desmond left the monastery and met Penny. As he said good bye to the head monk, we see a picture on the head mink's desk. It is a picture of the head mink with Mrs. Hawking!!! Maybe your joke will turn out to be a fact :)

Stay Lost! Cristina from NJ

Curt said...

That is why I had made the connection. It's an area where the only thing we have is that photo.

Anonymous said...

Just to rant on the "fax" of the Dharma class 1977 image.

I would guess a duplicate print was hanging in the walls at Dharma HQ in Michigan. So no need to "fax" it over from the island, or get it from the future.

Secondly, Xerox photocopies were introduced in 1949 (Model A), so probably common enough in the late 70s for Dharma to have one.

Thirdly, black and white imagery has been transmitted since at least the 40s for news articles (I think the Associated Press invented it) - that's "The Wire"

Charros said...

Come on guys.....you can do better than this! I am a big fan of your work but this show was just all rants about continuity errors, could he have had that picture, Ms. Hawking is not a well-drawn character, the lack of security at Dharma, etc etc etc. This kind of stuff is no fun to listen to. There was so much fun stuff to discuss because of the reveals in this episode and this show just got derailed into television criticism. Hoping for a better show next week.

Charros said...
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Mairuzu said...


I thought this show was about theories. A lot of the reason for the ranting about continuity is that it interferes with arriving at a clear theory and it also muddies the show's enjoyment. I admit that it's starting to veer into show critique, but considering we're watching a show we've analyzed and theorized about starting to wrap up all its loose ends and resolving itself, it's only natural to finally begin that stage when you start to care about how good those threads of story are wrapping up and how consistent they've been.

We're always open to an injection of fun topics to talk about. What kind of things did you want to hear about that you think would have been more fun?