Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Incident

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 5 Episode 16 & 17 of ABC's TV show, LOST entitled The Incident Parts 1 & 2. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew and friends don't do their usual treatment this time After a look at Mirror Images and our new-ish, Narrative Update, we try and pull back some and explore some new questions and revisit some older episodes and themes.


Also, here are some links on the 'Omega Point' that 'Sticks' provided on the forum:

Anyways, I am really excited about this 'Omega Point' theory/idea...
I was searching a bit and i found some interesting research done on The Omega Point Theory which just, IMO, further justifies the correlation and the possibility that TPTB are using this theory as one of the many sources feeding the story line. Just wanted to share some links and excerpts:

'The Omega Point is a future state of the universe where "life" (in any form) exists and develops forever, without getting locked into an loop.'

Five Attributes of the Omega Point

Teilhard de Chardin's The Phenomenon of Man states that the Omega Point must possess the following five attributes. It is:

Already existing.
Only thus can the rise of the universe towards higher stages of consciousness be explained.

Personal – an intellectual being and not an abstract idea.

The complexification of matter has not only led to higher forms of consciousness, but accordingly to more personalization, of which human beings are the highest attained form in the universe. They are completely individualized, free centers of operation. It is in this way that man is said to be made in the image of God, who is the highest form of personality. Teilhard expressly stated that in the Omega Point, when the universe becomes One, human persons will not be suppressed, but super-personalized. Personality will be infinitely enriched. This is because the Omega Point unites creation, and the more it unites, the more the universe complexifies and rises in consciousness. Thus, as God creates the universe evolves towards higher forms of complexity, consciousness, and finally with humans, personality, because God, who is drawing the universe towards Him, is a person.


The Omega Point cannot be the result of the universe's final complexification of itself on consciousness. Instead, the Omega Point must exist even before the universe's evolution, because the Omega Point is responsible for the rise of the universe towards more complexity, consciousness and personality. Which essentially means that the Omega Point is outside the framework in which the universe rises, because it is by the attraction of the Omega Point that the universe evolves towards Him.

Autonomous – that is, free from the limitations of space (nonlocality) and time (atemporality).

Irreversible, that is, attainable.

Maybe Jacob IS the Omega Point ????


Nancy Drew said...

Just some food for thought.....

In Revelations, God says, "I am the Alpha and the Omega.", meaning "I am the beginning and the end." Revelations also being the end of the Bible, represents the apocalypse, or the end of mankind as we know it (Valenzetti equation in Lost).

Jacob says that the end hasn't come yet and anything up to that point is "progress". With Jacob almost being naive, and the enemy being cynical, one could just assume that maybe they represent the Alpha and the Omega. Plus, we had an episode, "The Beginning of the End"......If this enemy represents "the end" or the Omega, then we look back at this episode and realize that this was the pivotal moment (season 4 premiere) for our Losties. It became that moment because Charlie's death happened in the Looking Glass, as opposed to on the beach, like foreseen by Desmond. Because Charlie was alive long enough to shut down the Looking Glass, the freighter crew was able to reach the island.....and the rest is history (or future, depending on the viewpoint). It should also be noted that this is the episode when Hurley first sees Jacob's cabin, and trips when backing away from it. When Hurley looks inside it, he sees the eye looking out (many speculated that it was John), and then John approached Hurley outside of the cabin. Christian Shepard was also seen inside that cabin. But it's also important to note that Christian was only see outside of that cabin until Ben took John to it the first time. John picked up the handful of ash before entering, and was shot by Ben after leaving. Walt appeared to John, saying "Get up, you have work to do".

Eric Weissen said...

Dear Nancy Drew,

I at first thought that Locke kicked the ash releasing the anti Jacob, however I am not sure how this will fit into the timeline. This finale is starting to give me a real headache.

Any ideas?


An excellent show as usual.

Nancy Drew said...

Hi Eric!

I'm just as baffled as the next Lost fan as to how the ash was moved. There are many different possible scenarios and many different people who could have done it. What we know, though, is that Ben, John, and Hurley had seen the cabin before anyone else came to the island in 2004. Ben made an over-emphasized step OVER the ring of ash, while John bent over and picked some of it up before crossing it. It's doubtful that Hurley even knew it was there.

As for the actual circle of ash, you could probably find your answer if you learn about the Key of Solomon. This a magical book (grimoire) that talks about summoning demons, protection spells, and other mystical ideas. King Solomon was said to have enslaved demons in order to build his temple.

Natalie said...

Nancy Drew,

When I read Curt's post about The Omega Point and the criteria for for the Omega to exist I immediately thought these same characteristics apply to the Alpha and Omega, essentially God. Then, I read your post and you had the same mindset. I like to add this, while the apocalypse has become synonymous to the end of mankind as we know it, it also has another meaning. The word originates from the greek word apokalupsis meaning to uncover, reveal.

So in our LOST season finale we got a revelation of sorts, one of Jacob and another of the anti-Jacob....

Another thought/theory... wouldn't it be interesting if Jacob brought "Adam and Eve" to the island? ...that they were the first pawns in Jacob's "game" and the anti-Jacob took the form of a serpent (similar to the smoke monster) to seduce Eve, starting the loop of human failure in the "game"... (I know according to Jack, Adam and Eve have only been dead for about 30yrs, but it would be kinda cool if he was wrong and they were the first non-deities on the island)

Also...the stealing of Ben's innocence could also be equated to gaining knowledge of good and evil (of Jacob and the anti-Jacob) similar to Adam and Eve's fall in the garden when they ate from the tree of knowledge....

I hate spiritualizing the show and I tend to shy away from it, but the connections are pretty dynamic.

Thanks for a great season of podcast!

Nancy Drew said...


I hate giving this show a spiritual aspect, also....I mean, for one, it might offend some fans if it's not done correctly, but we also have been taught different interpretations of religious writings. That being said, I do think they're doing a fantastic job, as of right now, in telling the story this way. I have always thought that this island represents beginnings as a whole and that was why all the different mythologies and religions were being referenced. Every one of them tells a creation (or Alpha) story--the A story as Curt likes to put it, lol. But we also have MAJOR undertones of literature and if you take the religion aspect away from the Bible, it is just that--literature. And I have to admit, it's making me a better person because I find I'm paying more attention to the sermons on Sunday morning, LMAO!

Mairuzu said...

Well, it's not your fault--the writers of this show inserted all sorts of religion, myth, spirituality and other supernatural and morality into the show. Given that, it would in fact be detrimental to understanding the show and forming theories if you didn't involve them.

On that note, I personally believe that everyone is still trying to find "God" (be it the grand greybeard people imagine in several religions, be it the grand unified theory in science, be it maybe a complete lack of a God to find). I'm often borderline agnostic in that way but the only way to form a real opinion is to mull over and discuss these things with people of other faiths. In the end, after doing that, you'll find that there's a lot of shared morals and some very good thought provocation and philosophy is nearly all of them.

This blending of spiritualities, cultures and religions on the show makes a lot of sense to me and I think it makes arriving at the last season that much more interesting so far. It's not a plain vanilla telling or theme on any one religion, story or even point of view as so many shows often are. There's a lot less preach and a lot more thinking in this one. For instance, we learned not to trust Ben, we even learned to hate him.. but we also learned more about him and learned that we could understand him and hate him less, maybe even like him (at arms' length). :)

The previous recent seasons concentrated on a lot of the science (social, technical, physics, etc.). The final season seems ramped up to be a mythology and spirituality based season. I'm definitely looking forward to that.

Eric Weissen said...

Hi Curt,

I was just thinking perhaps 'Jacob's Lists' that were used to identify what Losties to take were not authored by Jacob. Perhaps as Ben was going to the cabin he was given the lists by Anti Jacob or Ben just made them up based on the information that Mikhail gave him.

Hope that you are enjoying the hiatus.

kilgore said...

I agree about the Omega Point line of thought. I happened upon it myself the other day while researching the significance of Jacob reading "Everything That Rises Must Converge." I think it is also interesting to point out that Pieree Teilhard de Chardin's colleague in his research was Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous Huxley. Aldous Huxley is that author of Island, which has influenced the show, as well as a shot story called Jacob's Hands, about a man who has the ability to heal people with his hands. Pierre De Chardin's name also is very similar to "Pierre Chang", and a follower of De Chardin who has also written about the Omega Point is Frank J. Tipler, which is reminiscent of Frank J. Lapidus. Just interesting thoughts.