Monday, May 17, 2010

Acroos The Sea - HQ w/Bonus Material

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 15 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey along with James. Collectively we take a second look at a very polarizing episode. How deep do we read into it or is just a parable?


Narrative update.... The island is the *source* and it need to be protected from greedy men. But then our story is that some people can rise above that.

Pleasant Software - Ubercaster

This HQ version is a 64bps CBR file which should be *more* compatible than the last HQ file, not that we've heard from anyone about compatibility. Still, Dan described audio quality difference as:'s like the difference between a scratchy record and a CD. TS audio is still not Hi-Fi but the overall recording is easier on the ears ;-)


Anonymous said...

That thing that men want more of.. The "source," is TIME.
Jacob and John (MIB) are Timekeepers/protectors????

Mairuzu said...

Time? Really? I dunno.. I thought it was power. :)

eddy said...

so "a little bit of it is in all men, and they always want more" sounds like TIME to me :)
i'm always time-poor.

but seriously, if the Source is like the spark/breath of life, then is it what some refer to as the Fountain of Youth. or Life.

its the All Spark. did it create life on earth? hehe

eddy said...

i'm gonna d/load the new HQ file cos i like the bonus material too.

Kunal said...

The Source is Electromagnetism, pure and simple :-)

It's the only way to make sense of the whole thing pseudo-scientifically. Listen to what MIB says of the pocket near the Wheel and then listen to Dr.Chang says of that same pocket in the season 5 premiere.

Every pocket is connected to the Source / Light cave.

Bob said...

Hey I'm bored. Anything good on TV tonight?

Ryan said...


Are you one week in the future already?

marlene said...

Nancy Drew - you're right! (mostly)

Lost Lindsey said...

ok i read somewhere that the time line is even farther back then 40ad. somewhere around 300bc or so i think...and this is straight from darlton's mouth so the whole egyptian thing has more time to occur. Im still thinking that MIB got turned into smokey other wise how would he have a crazy mother?

Bob said...

Jorge read in his copy of the script that the sword that MIB had was the same one that Dogen used two milleniums later so that isn't consistent with script

btw Sgt Draino calls MIB- Adam and Mother -Eve as they are the only two people we think we don't know there name but we actually DO so that's why they didn't give them a name. That was probably the clue we were supposed to pick up on to show it was planned!!

Bob said...

MIB's mother was Claudia and she wasn't crazy

Mairuzu said...

Ugh. I hated the bastardization of Transformers mythology that Michael Bay introduced in the movies. The All-Spark used to be directly related to the Oracle or Vector Sigma and they were the source for all life on Cybertron from the heart of Primus, in legacy Transformers. I'm glad that by the second movie, they brought onboard a classic Transformers mythology expert to try to course-correct the screwed-up ideas that Bay had... but there was no one 'cube' all-spark. Life came from the creator, a god, Primus, not a cube.

On the other side of the spectrum was Unicron.. the eater of worlds.. the destroyer.

In Transformers lore, they are both considered singularities. That is, they exist pan-dimensionally and only ONCE. They exist in all possible universes only once--along with the primes, like the Fallen.

Again--glad that by the second movie, they corrected the mythology.. and I fully expect Unicron to become involved, now that we've involved the Fallen (one of Unicron's minions and a herald of the impending consumer of planets).

ahem. Anyway, where's the parallel with Lost again? OH RIGHT... Vector Sigma.

Kunal said...

MIB got that dagger from the people who crashed with Claudia and it has an engraving of Remus and Romulus. It's also a "pugio" design which was used by Roman soldiers as sidearms. Also, Claudia was speaking Latin and wearing a Roman style dress. So I still think it was 23 AD as mentioned somewhere.

Anne Arbour said...

Curt's voice sounds a lot different with this new software. I'm not sure wheter I like it or not but it's definitly a different experience for me.

Lost Lindsey said...

yes but Allison was like MIB's foster mother.

Trollonymous said...


23 + 2000 = 2023.

The script is 'inconsistant' by 13 whole years.
Hardly a dealbreaker.

And Lindsey, don't get hung up about the timeline on a show set on an Island which exsists out of of time and space. It is currently located in the South Seas but bears evidence of Egyptian inhabitation. The geography makes less sense than the chronology.

Best Lost Episode said...

now, this is what I'm talking about. easily the best episode in the history of television. i wouldn't think an episode with basically 3 people could be this entertaining and engaging.

Bob said...

Could the last scene be Jack and Flocke on a log with Jack turning to say "do you know how much I want to kill you?"
the end