Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What They Died For - CC HQ w/Bonus Material

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 16 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey and our friends from the Smoke Hatch along with James. We get answers! ...or did we?


Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is to protect the island!?

We kept recording after TS ended and opened a few mic's so check it out. We even analyzed the Lost Podcaster trailer and started the theories!


chinadoll said...

LOST LPN posts 5 19 10

To Black Rock;
Ok, here's my take on the immortality issue on the island, as I understand how it's been presented....When Richard was trying to die in the black rock by getting Jack to blow him up, Jack knew it wouldn't work because Jack knew he was a candidate, therefore blowing up Richard would also kill Jack who also couldn't die....that's why Jack knew it wouldn't work...However, If someone who COULD die, ie; a mortal, set off the dynamite, they could kill Jack and Richard. ...On a related topic, MIB is carrying that special knife with him, because he knows someon can kill him with it BEFORE he speaks.....something about MIB's speech gives him one has succeeded in approaching him with that knife before he speaks..yet, and now he's gotten the knife back, so he believes he's safe. Jacob and MIB had been alone on the island, so Jacob assumes it's MIB sneaking up on him to kill him, so he is responding proactively before MIB speaks, not knowing it’s
Richard…. Maybe Jacob has used this defensive response for many many yearsto survive…..must be stressful....!
what do you think, plausible?

chinadoll said...


Mairuzu said...

How much you wanna bet that now that Jack's the new protector, he sets the new rules for the Island?

Personally, in rewatching, I wanna bet that Ben is stringing MiB along until he sees a weakness to exploit--and didn't care one way or another whether Widmore died. He had a grudge against him anyway.

JayJay said...

How was Ben able to kill Widmore? I thought he wasn't able to. Or are the rules just nonsense.

chinadoll said...

I don't think Widmore or Ben are "leaders" on the island anymore, so those rules no longer apply to them, do they? ie, they're just regular, "killable", mortals again...does that make sense?

chinadoll said...

to the black rock podcasters; look up the casimir effect on wiki; also t...his was mentioned on wickman or candlewax or whatshisnames' Dharma training video for the..oh shoot, the station with the time-traveling bunnies...also, ties in with Faraday's comment about the light doesn't look right on the island...string theory and time-space travel...also, if you can find it, the "cooper pairs". I'm not any kind of even layperson's student of physics; I just remember digging around on the internet after the episode where Faraday first appeared and made that comment about the light.....mmmmm..?

chinadoll said...

SMOKE MONSTER SOUND!? please check this out; I don't know how to do audio-cast or whatever, but I found this a while back; a NY Subway train, at a sound effect site I ran across- reminds me of part of the smoke monster sound, especially from pilot episode...I hope it works for you.....what do you think?

Bob said...

Here's how I think it will end. Jack and MIB sitting on a log everyone else dead. Jack turns to MIB, "Do you know how much I want to kill you?"
Thud - Black screen
The End

marlene said...

I'm starting to get nostalgic ('saudade' in Portuguese) about this whole thing coming to an end. I'll miss you guys, truly the best of all the Lost podcasts for relevant (and irrelevant - what the heck) content, and good fun banter. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

JayJay said...


you almost spoiled the ending of Survivor for me. The finale is shown here this Tuesday. Do you have the url for the documentary you were talking about at the end of the podcast.

Bob said...

Jacob says to Ben "what about you" then Ben kills him. So does this don't let him speak only apply to mib?

c said...

There can be only ONE.
May it be JACK.

marlene said...

Jay Jay, here's the link that trailer.

Eric Weissen said...

Just wanted to say that whether this ends well or very badly I have thoroughly enjoyed the Black Rock Podcast.

You have been my episode companion and have helped me to realise that I am not an obsessive!

I'm in the UK so I probably won't watch the episode until I get home from work!
Thanks from Eric

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