Monday, April 26, 2010

The Last Recruit

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 13 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey along with James. Collectively we take a second look and concede some time to Christian-gate.


Narrative debt leads to anxiety and yet, we all hold out hope that there is still some tricks up the collective sleeve of LOST.

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Mairuzu said...

OMG NO LOST ON TUESDAY WHATTAMIGONNADOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo?????? Also.. first post! HAH! :)

This is an INCREDIBLY bad time to go without an eisode--so close to the end. I hope they simply needed the extra time to really smooth out that finale's post production and CGI work (quality--yanno, so that I don't NOTICE that they used CGI).

Lost Lindsey said...

2nd post!! what are we going to do tuesday night?? will the world end??

Nancy Drew said...

So, I got an interesting email this morning.............followed by another interesting email from Stef.....

And just when I thought NOTHING would top the Beetle/ND Clarification made by Alex in the post-show, hahahaha!!

I guess I need to learn to stay up later :)

Mairuzu said...

Elaborate! ELABORATE!

Mairuzu said...

Oh wait.. took me a moment, then realized what it might be. HAH! *cough*

Nancy Drew said...

Somehow I get the impression that the author of this email was fueled by the mysticism of the chat participants on the question at hand :)

Curt said...

You must share. @Lindsey - everyone knows the world doesn't end until 2012!

Keys To Lost said...

And here I thought these comment section were to be used to comment on episodes and such! Hmmm - I may need to totally rethink my podcast! ;)

Seriously though. Another great podcast this weedk done by a top notch crew! Will definitely miss you guys when this is all over!

Miguel said...

I wish we would have gotten an episode with more meat before this break. I feel like they gave me half of the hot pocket and I have to wait a week to eat the rest :(

We definitely are not going to get all our questions answered by the time this season ends. They will probably answer the other questions on the season 6 bonus cd.
They might answer some of our questions on the show V just to get us to watch it.

Dante said...

I'm new on here, but I've been listening for this whole season so far. I'm currently listening to your 2nd look at "The Last Recruit" and someone read a comment that the episode seemed like it was written backwards from the final episode and everything is a little too contrived.

One technique for writing is to do exactly that. You take an ending and write your story away from that point. It's far easier to start from the ending in a twisting plot than from the beginning because it is awfully easy to get sidetracked if you don't know how to get to your ending. It's especially common in mystery novels. So, I don't think there should be any criticism of the writers of "LOST" for employing this same technique.

Just an observation.
Just call me "Dante."

JayJay said...

I'm starting to think the show is like those children's books "Where Wally" where you try and find Wally somewhere on the page, then move onto the next page and find him again. Although with the show, the game is to find the mistakes. In the "Last Recruit":
1. Sawyer had the sail down when sailing to the hydra
2. Jack swam faster than the boat
3. When Kate & Sawyer wait for the remainder of the crew on the dock, their clothes are dry. They had to swim to the boat in the first place.

Trollonymous said...

MiB didn't just shoot Liz Lemon because Widmore has Jin and the MiB has Desmond, It's Lost's version of a mexican stand-off.

Also the time discrepencies described by someone as coming from Jacob's Cabin were touched on here ages ago. Cardinal Wolsey questioned the timing when Sun and Locke were racing into the ER and I asked if Jack went straight to work from the flight.According to Desmon's day in 'Happily Ever After', that's certainly how it seems.

Oh and a Roald Dahl work gets a very early mention. As far back as "walkabout" Claire mentions that one of the dead being burned in the fuselage, had a couple of over-due rentals one of which was Willy Wonka.

ZachsMind said...


...i just wanted to say that. hee hee. you're not all actually wrong it's just fun to say.



Nancy Drew said...

The time line issues couldn't have been mentioned "ages" ago if Sun and Locke racing to the ER was part of the discussion as this scene was just shown in this week's episode. To bring it up again for discussion is sort of the point of having that second show every week. And you're right that Desmond's day seemed that way, so it was a relevant fan feedback bit to bring up this week.

I am familiar with the mention of the Willy Wonka movie rental, but what I had said was that I was surprised that we haven't been given a Roald Dahl BOOK reference of any kind, also adding that we've only had the small line drops like "golden ticket". I realize that we've never seen an actual copy of the Wizard of Oz either, but there are heavy references and undertones in the story consistently, which sets it apart from what I was referring to with Mr. Dahl. Regardless, thanks for mentioning the movie rental reference on the blog page.

Nancy Drew said...

A listener was very interested in finding out what my relationship status is. I guess he was an anonymous "guest" in the chat sometime after I had left that hounded everyone with one simple question: Is Nancy Drew single? To his disappointment (and my extreme gratitude), no one was saying a word :) In the email I received from this "guest", he referred to Mairuzu as "Watch Dog Dan" haha!!

One of these days, when we all look back on "The Days of Our Lost" and share what our personal endeavors, struggles, and triumphs were through six seasons of fan-dom, I may just share the story behind the answer to that question, but for now, even Nancy Drew can be a mystery ;)

Trollonymous said...

allright then Nancy,

I'm sure I can't reach your levels of pendantry but I'll try.

I suppose it all depends on one's definition of 'ages' but I mentioned the unlikely appearance of Jack going straight to work on April 17th which is almost a week ago and a Cardinal Wolsey mentioned the problematic Sun-Locke hospital drag race on April 22nd well before the credit of spotting temporal complexities fell to Bill's rainy Sunday observations of a different podcast's conclusions. No one is saying that the time differences shouldn't be mentioned on the podcast but the fact is that some of us (as in me) noticed that things didn't match up time-wise after viewing 'Everyone Loves Hugo' which was about 4 podcasts ago. Give or take a podcast.

As for the Roald Dahl reference, I'll admit that I haven't heard your every word on the BRP and as such I may be wrong,but I did hear you lament that 'golden tickets' aside, Dahl hadn't received any mention on Lost at all. Willy Wonka may be the film version of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory but it is a Roald Dahl work nonetheless. Now I might be nothing but a simple country lawyer but in summation, book or film, any court in the land would be satisfied by the evidence before them of a Dahl reference in Lost.

There aren't many episodes of Lost left and although as Curt says, it is rather late in the game, I hope for your sake that the last few hours are full of mischevious rodents, enormous fruit and that the whispers are shown to be nothing more than a talking parrot pretending to be a ghost.

At this point I wouldn't put it past the writers.

JayJay said...


I wouldn't blame the guy trying to hit on you. You actually have a sexy voice.

cardinal wolsey said...

I think it's rather a shame that the creators haven't actually opened and read some of the books rather than just flashing the front covers in a terribly 'aren't we clever' sort of a way. they might have learned something about how to tell a truly engaging story..:)

Mairuzu said...

Watch Dog Dan? I'm more of a cat person, thank you very much. ;)

Man, seems like almost everyone is particularly critical of this past episode. Moreso than I am, which surprises me--but it seems based more on the technical continuity problems than the storytelling. I'm becoming somewhat more convinced that the alternate timeline isn't very real and that all these continuity problems are just the result of the natural inconsistencies that come with a very lucid dream or maybe just mis-perceptions of a drugged and hospitalized dreamer.

You know.

Like the kind Desmond might be having in the hospital after seeing all these faces and the entire series is all just his dreammmnnnooooooooo! NOT AGAIN!! ;)

Ryan said...

I don't see the problem people have with the split in '77.

There was one timeline which then broke in two. They both share the exact same past before that including the Losties flashing through time and Jaacob's visit to Sawyer because they are the same past.

My bigger question has always been is that were Jacob and MIB in the X timeline or do they only exist in the real LOST timeline.

Trollonymous said...

Here's the problem I have with a split in the timeline and it was touched on by Curt when we found out that the MiB was impersonating Christian.

Did the MiB travel back to 1974 with everyone else on the island?

If he did, there would be two of him floating around doing his smoke monster thang.

If he didn't, as he's part of the Island or whatever, then who was the entity that told John Locke to turn the frozen donkey wheel during the time spell which is noted by Lostpedia as being pre 1867?

As such, a large piece of the puzzle is missing.

Nancy Drew said...

Troll, I'm beginning to think you just thrive on the back and forth between us. :) As I've stated MANY times already, it's the simple fact that there haven't been any ACTUAL books of Roald Dahl's shown TO THE CAMERA during the filming of an episode of Lost. Hopefully, that will close the BOOK on that discussion, but feel free to give your objections and request the side bar continue. I am completely used to the argumentative behavior, so it's not going to bother me one bit. It's something I even look forward to now when checking the comments of the blog.

As for the time line stuff, no offense to anyone who has left comments on the subject, but I didn't care whose comment I put in the notes regarding the topic. I thought it was show-worthy to mention, saw Bill's comment, and used that one. It's a shame that, in a show this good, something as trivial as who put what comment first is more of a debate than the actual topic. After discussing this with other podcasters last night, it seems that this is just one more discrepancy to add to the continuity error list--unless another answer to that mystery presents itself.

And JayJay....... :)

JayJay said...

I'd tune into Nancy Drew after-dark anytime.

BTW, it wasn't me in the chat. I swear!

Trollonymous said...

Actually Nancy, I don't thrive on it so I'll simply take it as given that whatever you say, IS Lost Canon. If YOU say it happened, it happened, if YOU say it didn't happen, then it DIDN'T.

Lost Lindsey said...

ah the timeline, my favorite topic....and how in the world did i miss that last week!!!

oh yes i was distracted by the the fact that she said "its him its him"

Nancy Drew said...

JayJay.......Do you know how many times in a day I hear, "It wasn't me! I swear!"? LOL! Should I mention at this point that it ALWAYS comes out of the mouth of the guilty party?

Maybe Nancy Drew After Dark will be the name of my post-Lost podcast.....NOT!