Monday, April 5, 2010

The Package

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 10 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey along with James. Collectively we take a second look to see if there are any new theories or how existing ones are holding up.


The narrative seems to imply that Whidmore is trying to stop MIB and my try to keep Sun and Jin apart much like he did with Penny and Desmond. But what about this new area of electromagnetism?

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Mairuzu said...

First comment! :)

SRSLY.. I'm starting to think that there's something STRONGLY suggestive in the alternate time-like telling us that Jin is the only Kwon. I'll bet HE'S the candidate... but then, I think Jacob touched them both, no?

Anonymous said...

I listened to the Keamy/Jin conversation FOUR times to no avail! Then I finally just checked the transcript and it does not have "island" in it.

It really sounded like island!

Josh said...

I get that there is a good amount of hand references in the show, but I seriously feel like I am listening to a hand podcast these days. Any chance we can keep the hand talk to under 8 minutes per podcast?

Lost Lindsey said...

it did really sound like island, and our little hearts did want it badly, but alas it was not so. Mairuzu/Dan, I think your right, Jin is the only Kwan, however, Jacob did touch them both.....lets see time traveling kwan vs. magically have a baby kwan.


P.S....Hands...are they that important, or are we just seeing things...i dont know. but I wish the hands would stop popping up

Nancy Drew said...

Josh, it's either eight minutes of hands or eight minutes of ankh jokes... You decide.


And honestly, I didn't think I talked about hands for more than two minutes this week. It was a short list. There are other listeners that like having something new to spot than the usual numbers and other easter eggs.

I appreciate your feedback, though, and I will keep it in mind for future shows.

Lindsey and Dan.......YOU'RE WRONG!
Maybe the Kwon that is the candidate is actually Ji Yeon! :)

Kunal said...

Actually, the hands discussion went on for a whopping 16 minutes this time, not just 2 mins :-)

carl said...

I have always enjoyed this podcast, it's usually entertaining and i appreciate it.
Unfortunately this fatuous hands discussion has rendered the last few podcasts almost unlistenable.
I just watched an episode of the tudors and noticed at least 147 hand references....
Would be rather difficult to direct a show without them, no?

Nancy Drew said...

Ankh jokes it is!

warningtrax said...

Although I prefer explorations into character motivations, discussions that attempt to clarify each episode and speculation concerning where the story is heading, I do appreciate the analysis that Ms. Drew provides on a variety of topics including mirrors and hands. Did a few discussions in this podcast seem to be reaching for things that I don’t think are there? Maybe. But, so what? Depending on what trips your trigger, some things will simply be more interesting to you than others. I can easily live with that and fully appreciate the time and effort the Black Rock puts in weekly...apparently even on Easter Sunday. Although I listen to several Lost-related podcasts, this is the only one I participate in...albeit while hiding behind a keyboard railing about the importance of Desmond.

Nice work guys. I applaud your efforts in funneling the active Lost fan base into an entertaining and informative show. As long as you guys continue to discuss topics related to Lost, I’ll be listening.

Given the track record of Desmond-centric episodes, I’d say it’s even money that tonight’s episode will be the best of the season thus far.

Kunal said...

While I fully agree with Warningtrax, there was no need to defend this podcast. None of us are attacking it. It's clearly one the best in the entire Lost community. I'll always listen to it and enjoy it :-)

But at the same time, I'm sure the guys would appeciate listener feedback and would like to know what their fans like and dislike about their podcast. I personally didn't care for the discussions about butterflies, mirrors, graves and hands in this particular podcast, which took almost an hour all combined. But heck, it's just 1 podcast out of scores of their previous brilliant ones lol. And I definitely appreciate the effort they put in. Keep up the good work.

Nancy Drew said...

Thanks for the feedback, Warningtrax.

I understand that not every movement or gesture or scene of hands is relevant, which would be why I don't list every time I see someone's hands in a clip. But the fact of the matter is that, like the eye in ancient cultures, the hand represented so much more than being an appendage. In Hinduism and Buddhism, mudra is an essential form of conveying spiritual or ritualistic gestures--and I'll just throw in here that there are 108 mudras used in regular Tantric rituals--most of which done with the hands or fingers. It's spiritual communication and gesture, which is exactly what I've been trying to convey examples of within the episodes. There's also the fact that many people speculated that the O on the Oceanic 815 was symbolic of the Evil Eye, of which a hamsa--a hand symbol that is believed to have originated in Carthage--wards off or protects it wearer of if in the form of an amulet. It would have similar principles as the ankh.

But you're probably right, Carl. It's fatuous of me to think there's any significance.

warningtrax said...

I really didn't intend to mount a defense for anyone. I was only hoping that a gratuitous tip of the cap would stave off an insufferable insurgence of ANKH JOKES!!!! : )

Mairuzu said...


Where's Phoenix Wright when you need him?

Nancy Drew said...

Oh no.........the can of ankhs has been opened! I am going to see if I can say the word "ankh" 10 times tonight, LOL!

I pledge allegance to the ankh
of the Black Rock LOST Podcast.
And to the life for which it is everlasting
One ship under Jacob
With destiny and candidacy for all!


warningtrax said...

At this point, we will only be saved if tonight's episode includes Desmond working in a mirror factory in his flash-sideways and plays Red Mittens with his fellow employees during his lunch hour.

; )

Nancy Drew said...

He does say "See ya in anotha life, brotha..." I wonder if Jacob were Scottish if he'd say, "Feel ya in anotha life, brotha"........


Lost Lindsey said...

I don't remember 16 minutes of hand discussion, but maybe I ankhed out.