Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LPN: 6-10: Black Rock: The Package - Community Call

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 10 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey and our friends from the Smoke Hatch along with James. Collectively we try to process the latest episode in our popular Initial Reactions format.


Everyone under estimates Sun and Jin, even now, when they are still on that rarest of list, Jacob's. I say they go on to be Adam and Eve and reconcile the conflict between Light and Dark.

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rick said...

Did anyone catch the reference that Keamy makes when they need a interpreter to Omar. He mentions, doesn't "Danny" have a friend that speaks Korean. This of course turns out to be Mikhail. Could Danny turnout to be Daniel Faraday? Could he be involved in this whole mobster plot in the flash-sideways?

eddy said...

Hey Guy

Here are my initial reactions. was a fairly well paced episode, not super heart pounding, but solid, really solid. i'm pretty sure i will like it even more after rewatching. the on island stuff was great

So we get some more answers in this ep
Jin and Sun not married in the AT but are lovers.
At the hotel there is only ONE Kwon, as Jin says, Sun is a Paik. Is this a clue for the on island timeline?

The remaining candidates must leave together, according to MIB, which i don't trust what he said. But if true, then it is like replicating the Ajira plane in order to GET to the island. But i think MIB wants to gather the rest of the candidates to do away with them.

To me, the darts were reminiscent of the flaming arrows that wiped out the remaining redshirts.

Locke telling Jin to air his wound was kinda like telling him to trust the island, it will do the rest.

We get to see Room 23 again.

Sayid doesn't feel anything. MIB says its best.. to help him get thru whats coming. This sets my mind going in trying to think what the heck it is!

Claire's name was not on the wall according to MIB - a lie right. But he also answers Claire re Kate's name - he says "No it isn't. Not anymore" which is telling in the way he phrased it. It wasn't a straight NO. Or Not anymore.

We get confirmation that MIB can't get to the Hydra as smokie - but from the lips of MIB tho. So what about it stops him? The water, the amount water, the distance separating the island?

Is it bad for me not to feel too much when Sun gets shot, even when she reveals she is pregnant? its just that i still don't feel invested in most of the AT characters. except probably Ben's story.

Widmore seems more and more on the side of Jacob, which is one theory i've been formulating. i'll put it into another post. But his little standoff with MIB was awesome. A great game of Brinkmanship. Widmore just stood his ground and lied to MIB's face re Jin.

I am pretty sure Widmore did not foresee the current circumstances - MIB taking on the from of Locke - when he helped him in Tunisia. MIB kinda threw his words back into his face - That a wise man - and war was coming to the island. He was goading him, like " so you thought you were so smart, but now look how it has played out" well "war just got here!" The flip side to that is Widmore is confident becos he has received Further Instruction from Jacob to be initiated at this point in time. Jacob's insurance policy? He took one out when he recruited Ilana and her team too i think.

So they need Jin to find the other pockets of EM. and Zoe - we find IS her real name - is a geophysicist. my theory is that they must further exploit the EM properties of the island to kill/trap
MIB, send him back in time/ or forward to the end of time/ put him slightly out of phase to our spacetime so he can never be an influence. or a crackpot theory, to use the Em properties to send Desmond into the AT and then... i dunno. anyone's guess is as good as mine.

Great little reveal at the end. So they need Desmond knocked out for the trip. To where? What else is on the Hydra that is significant? or a trip to the main island?

eddy said...

I was kinda thinking of Danny Pickett. i wrote his name down when i heard Omar mention it. He's the only Danny i know of. I don't know if they will try to hide someone's name like that and mostly the AT has shown the lives of our characters in similar roles. Unless its like Sawyer being a cop, i don't see Daniel Faraday as a baddie. Probably a name drop. But if they were to bring back Daniel, i would also expect it to be in a big way. Not like Magnus Hanso! grrr

eddy said...

sorry i just realised my initial post was addressed to Guy, who the heck is Guy haha.

its hey guys lol

Mairuzu said...

Guy Smiley maybe? Cousin to Mr Friendly. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the podcast and all the discussion. You all are great at bringing out "hidden" points. My only complaint is with Lyndsey(sp?). She's a bit shrill and doesn't always "play well with others".

warningtrax said...

Three pockets of energy on Jin’s map? We know of the hatch (Swan) and the frozen donkey wheel (Orchid). Where’s the third? Whatever and wherever it is, I think Desmond will be headed there. I have a strong feeling that “Locke” will win the first battle in this war and Widmore will be correct-- everything we know and love will cease to be when “Locke” leaves the island. This gives the ALT it’s purpose. The writers have laid the groundwork prior to taking us, and likely Desmond, there.

Kunal said...

Great episode. So why do you guys think MIB wants to collect all the remaining candidates before he's able to leave? I can see 3 possible theories:

1) He may want to gather all of them in one place so that he can turn into the black smoke and kill em all in one fell swoop lol. Jacob had said "Even if you killed me, someone else will take my place" to which MIB replied "Well then I'll kill them too". So it doesn't seem like he isn't allowed to kill candidates or snything. (The blond boy could've been referring to Richard and not Sawyer when he said "You know the rules. You can't kill him".

2) He may want to (or have to) recreate Ajira 316 before they can lift off and leave. But I don't agree with this theory since Sawyer and Jin weren't on that flight at all.

3) He may need to convince all of Jacob's candidates to join his side before he's allowed to leave. He may need to "claim" them, whether via the sickness or by plain old persuasion (like with Jin) and temptation (like he tried with Sun).

Either way, his main goal in collecting all the candidates is almost certainly to make sure that the next Jacob doesn't arise before he can leave. Cause if that happens, he'll be "trapped" all over again.

Mairuzu said...

How many of you would buy this?


Kunal said...

*Availability: can't find it*

*•Walt, geodesic dome, and polar bear not included*

LOL. Genius.

Mairuzu said...

Also an April Fools joke from ThinkGeek. :) But if you try to purchase it, they ask you whether you'd want it to be REAL. I already voted for it. heheh

Eric Weissen said...


Your joke about an eye shot was hilarious. Seriously had me in stitches laughing like a snapped Richard Alpert.

Ok, just re watched the episode and Flocke says to Jin that 'all the names that haven't been crossed off leave together' I think he means that all the names that haven't been crossed off need to be killed because he needs to remove all potential substitutes.

Lost Lindsey said...

to anonymous, I will try to be less shrill. and i do play well with others.

Bel said...
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Mairuzu said...

Nooooooo!!! Don't change anything! Don't listen to 'em! You're not shrill! The complaining that you're shrill is shrill! Stop being all shrill, Anonymous! :)

Also.. what's shrill mean? ;)

Kunal said...

That has a screencap of the map that Zoe showed Jin. I think we can safely assume that the 3 red outlined areas are pockets of electro-magnetism on the island.

One is below the Swan, the other below the Orchid. I'm sure Widmore and company (probably with Desmond in tow) will be heading to the third pocket. And that may well be a new location altogether. Perhaps a Dharma station or some ancient structure.

I can't wait to find out what Desmond's role is in the endgame. He's not a candidate and I doubt Jacob ever touched him or planned to bring him to the island in the first place. That combined with Desmond's experiences with Time pretty much makes him a wild card. A wise man once said to Desmond: "The rules don't apply to you. You're special. You're uniquely and miraculously special".

eddy said...

is this the first time we have had something concrete re the shape/size of the island? i would have thought widmore would have a map of the island, but not knowing what is on it is also a stretch don't you think guys? looks like the Others, even highranking Others like Widmore, Hawking, Dogen etc may not know all the island has to offer.

Kunal said...

Any non-Dharma maps of the island won't show pockets of electromagnetism or anything else extraordinary like that. I don't think it's a stretch at all.

Widmore and co. probably found Jin's map in the Hydra station which, if you recall, also had some of Faraday's journal papers. It seems Ben's others collected all important documents and papers and stored them on Hydra island, it's a safer place there and more secret.

Kunal said...

Btw, Rousseau's maps that were shown in Season 1 did give us the shape of the island. Heck, they even showed the small Hydra island next to the main one on her map. Cool foreshadowing by the writers.

eddy said...

@Kunal. my point was why people like Widmore do not have an idea where certain important aspects of the island are located. was widmore privvy to the location of the Lighthouse for instance? loked like he didn't know that the exit point of the Orchid was in Tunisia. the only explanation is that the writers were somewhat feeling their way thru the story, especially the smaller details (we know that they have the larger aspects of the show mapped out) kinda like a ret-con for certain parts of the show. but as we have seen, other high ranking Others esp Richard are also in the dark.

eddy said...

Jacob tells Ilana that Richard knows what to do next. When Richard finally gets back to the beach, he says they need to destroy the plane. But that just doesn't seem so mystical. Anyone could have come to that as a plausible course of action. I was really hoping for him to say "I have something to show you" and lead us to an awesome bit of island "technology". But NO. we get the destroy the plane story. But i would assume its only because the writers want everyone to gather to Hydra for a final? conflict. more writers convenience.

Kunal said...

Widmore did know the exit point in Tunisia as revealed in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham".

Also, why did you expect Richard to do something mystical or fantastical? His "specialness" was broken down long ago by the writers. Besides the fact that he doesn't age, he's just a normal bloke who was kept in the dark by Jacob just like everyone else. Even Ilana doesn't know everything.

Richard was thinking on his feet. Hurley had just told him that he has to stop MIB from leaving. Frank just told him that the plane landed on Hydra island. He has no idea abt Widmore arriving in his submarine. So the obvious and quickest way to stop MIB is to blow up Ajira 316.

Just a few weeks ago, fans were complaining abt this season having too much magic and mystical aspects. Now they're going the science route so Shouldn't everyone be satisfied? Richard wanting to destroy the plane is so practical and down-to-earth. One wonders why Widmore hasn't done it yet. He has his sub to use as a rescue boat if he cares abt saving the ppl on the island.

eddy said...

you may notice that Widmore only had cameras setup in Tunisia AFTER Ben arrives in Tunisia. i guess its the gradual demystification of characters as you have said. people that we may have held as Gatekeepers of information, now are just pretty average in the scheme of things.

however, if the writers are trying to set up the episode by saying Richard will know what to do, i expect a better answer than something any other person could come up with. yes i get the fact that RA may be thinking on his feet, and that he has been demytified and broken down of late, but is that (destroy the plane) what Jacob meant for, when he said RA will know what to do.

i for one do not mind "magic" etc. as long as it remains plausible for the story so far or is credible for the universe that is created. i am not one who needs it to be black and white, sci fi or fantasy, science or faith as some have proposed. i am fine with many different aspects of science and faith to be employed, because i believe they have already created a rich enough tapestry mixing both types. does smoky need to be explained scientifically... its not necessary for me. if they show that a "curse" was used on the man that used to be smoky then fine, he is now trapped, or some device, whether futuristic or ancient, changed him to nanobots :)

as for the plane, its another McGuffin! like i said, its a convenient way to get everyone to the hydra

Kunal said...

That was well said. Anyway, I personally don't find the writing contrived or convenient. Looking ahead, I have a feeling that what you were looking forward to see Richard do, ie: something out of the ordinary to stop MIB from leaving, may very well be what the writers have lined up for Desmond now that he's finally back. Like I said earlier, Des definitely is someone with "specialness" :-)