Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recon - Community Call

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 8 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey and our friends from the Smoke Hatch and James from help us try to process the latest episode in our popular Initial Reactions format.


Another amazing episode with lots of exposition and more 'hand' / 'touching' references.

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Lost Lindsey said...

1st comment! Ive changed my mind on this episode, its a good solid episode, but not a great one, I think perhaps the writers needed a break between greatness???

Questions raised:

Will the real Anthony Cooper please step forward?

Where in the world is Desmond?

Who or What was Anti Locke's mother and why is it affecting him still...hes 100's of years old at least...GET OVER IT ALREADY!! That is if he was telling us the truth.

Last but not least, I am very interested to see our two baddies fight it out, but does sawyer know how to drive a submarine?

Degringolade said...

I have to admit, I'm becoming a little annoyed by the amount of time devoted within the podcast to whether the current episode was "strong" or not-- how it compares to other recent episodes or within the Lost body of work. I don't want to advocate against expressing opinion, but whether or not one comparitively liked or disliked the episode at this juncture should in my opinion not take up the first 20 minutes of the show. It's just not interesting to me and colors all of the discussion afterwards. Let's bear in mind that there are only 9 episodes left in this show that brought all of us together and that these same episodes will probably be a lot more important once the function of the flash-sideways structure is revealed.

So... I guess what I'm saying is that last night's podcast was not as strong as last week's. :)

Mairuzu said...

...but! You're still listening to a quality podcast, right? Stick around--as the show gets increasingly better (I hope), I'm sure that there'll be more to discuss and the opinions will also reflect it. :)

Now that we're on season 6, what do you EXPECT the ratio should be in the "opinions about episodes" vs "things to talk about"? Maybe, is there a relationship there with the "number of answered questions" vs "number of new questions", respectively?

What I'm saying is:
((kicks reader into magic pool)) :)

warningtrax said...

I find it interesting that although Ben and Charles are bitter enemies, they appear to be on the same side in the island war that looms. Looking back through past episodes, and recently highlighted in Dr. Linus, I think it was their thirst to retain a position of power on the island that clouded their judgement and their responsibilities to the island and Jacob (whatever those responsibilities may be) which led to the “exile” of both. The Linus-Widmore reunion may be better than Claire and Kate’s.

It would be tremendous if Sawyer’s sole purpose for being on the island at all is to pull off the con of all cons with MIB as the victim. In the same vein, I look for Kate to escape soon. It is what she happens to do best. See Kate run.

Now, I understand that this is television but does anyone really think that the Ajira commercial airliner that crash landed on Hydra Island is going ever? Remember that scene from Airplane 2 when they’re jump-starting the space shuttle? I think MIB may have a tough sell ahead of him when Cindy raises an eyebrow at the “plan.”

Degringolade said...

What I EXPECT, Dan, are more initial reactions to what we saw and less kvetching about what we weren't shown.
This is supposed to be fun. I like criticism of the series and didn't understand the earlier complaints about the podcast questioning where the show was going. What I dislike is dwelling for too long on where an individual show "ranks."

I'm listening because I like you guys personally. Just trying to throw my two cents into the magic fountain. I HAVE stopped listening to any podcast Donald is associated with because he has devolved into a morose and holier-than-thou Comic Book Guy.


warningtrax said...

Lindsay, I had the same initial thought concerning driving (piloting?) a sub. I imagine James is planning a gun-to-the-captain's-head kind of deal. It worked the last time.

JayJay said...

Saywer does read a lot. Maybe he's read the instruation manual for a submarine. Possibly he'll threaten the sub captain in piloting it for him. Maybe Lapidus knows, or if Desmond comes back he's been in the military, he might also have sub training. Who knows, I'm sure they'll think of some reason.

momto2plus1x2 said...

I have been a faithful listener of the Black Rock and the Lostaholics Rewatching Lost podcasts. The LRL was invaluable during the hiatus. The Black Rock is the first podcast I listen to after each show because I enjoy your insights. I am completely spoiler-free, and have considered the Black Rock to be a spoiler-safe zone. However, last night during your show, you blurted out the subject of next week's show with no warning. That may not be spoiler to you, but it was huge to me. Please give spoiler warnings. Do not assume that your listeners have heard what may be considered to to be common knowldege. Titles, flash-sideways subjects, and the like are spoilers to many of us fans. I want to remain loyal to your show, but I don't want to know ANYTHING about upcoming episodes. Thanks for the great work!

marlene said...

I loved the twist of Sawyer being a cop but I disagree with the idea that he is a crooked cop or still a con-man in the flash-sideways. I didn't see evidence of that (he told his partner the truth about Cooper - and, come-on - he watches Little House on the Prairie!). Having known a few undercover cops, and watched lots of movies, the idea of a guy with a tough background becoming "either a crook or a cop" is almost a cliché. A good cop needs to have a dark side. In fact, the Wikipedia entry for Bullitt describes it as one of the earliest movies to use "a rebellious and borderline-insubordinate police officer as a protagonist..." Maybe this is the point of the Sawyer character, and why he may be able to outsmart fake-Lock. I think that is what is signified when he says, "I'm not on either side" - not that he doesn't care about anyone (I think there is lots of evidence that he cares about many different people) but that he won't play the good-bad game.
Also I have two slightly out there theories: 1. Widmore is actually allied with Jacob. 2. Kate will be central to the turning point but will end up alone.

Stephen said...

A overall theme for Lost may be found in the writings of CS Lewis. Check out The Pilgrim's Regress, Look at the first pages, Chapter 1 - The RULES
and The Great Divorce.

Lighter points I loved of the episode:
James brought Charlotte a six pack to apologize.
Miles is now the Ghost Whisperer, move over Jennifer Love Hewitt.

eddy said...

hey guys. been itching to post since i was away.

just got caught up with the last two eps of Lost.

couple of quick thoughts - downloaded podcasts but not listened yet so if i repeat anyone's thoughts, apologies

James gets a nickname - Dimples!

i would totally watch the cop drama with James Ford and Myles. So James did in fact have the same childhood event in both timelines, but AT James took a different path.

Was thinking since he is determined to look for Anthony Cooper, that maybe there will be a showdown at John Locke's wedding in a future ep. We will get an event that will gather a lot of the AT Losties together. John may invite Jack, he may bring his mysterious wife as his date. Hurley will be invited for sure and maybe Rose with Bernard as her +1. Mr Eko as the Celebrant??? :) Will Boone's company look after the wedding arrangements?
Can't see how Kate, Claire, Sayid, Sun and Jin being involved tho. Anyway, i expect a huge gunfight to haha. now i'm devolving

Dont quite see if Widmore was the man that Jacob wanted to come to the island. "He will find a another way" didn't think a sub would need a lighthouse as a beacon, more so for a vessel that travels on the ocean surface. i'm sure widmore had the location prior to his leaving land

so i think that he had to have access to the Lampost data and/or Ms Hawking too. Ajira was to fly over the last location of the island but did it stop moving? or Widmore was able to plot the course to travel to the island thru the Lampost, and also has to know the (new) bearing too.

who was MIB's crazy mom? she was a "disturbed woman" was a mirror to Emily Locke - she wasn't quite there too. and she mentioned Locke was immaculately conceived. Mirror? or same woman? MIB mentions that he had growing pains and wishes that certain things could have been avoided. Now Terry O'quinn's portrayal was great and could see MIB reaching back into a troubled past. I believe the information was genuine but don't know the intent. Still can't trust MIB, even tho he may be the one person with knowledge that has been very forthright with that knowledge. Jacob still speaks in riddles.
MIB finishes the scene with a reference to Aaron - now he has a crazy mother. So what of Aaron. His importance to the current/final story. What part does he have left to play.

i question MIB's logic with respect to the killing of the Others and protecting the island from him. so it's "killed or be killed" he says. "i dont want to be killed" did the Others ever have a chance against him, was there any way to kill MIB?

but it makes me think back to the other people which had died at the hands of smokey. what reason for their deaths? which begs the question of what purpose smokey had in the first few seasons? Rousseaus team? Seth Norris?

man, this was meant to be a short note...

now the podcast awaits...

arturo said...

I think the alternative timeline is not so alternative, they are same timeline, just now there are clones. They are all proxies now just like John Locke was a proxy.

And I hope its Desmond behind that door! Because he is a constant, and constants cannot be copied, so he is an exception, thats why Widmore stole him from the off island. Desmond might even be the guy who will end this whole thing!

Eric Weissen said...

Nancy Drew,

Thank you for The Chosen recommendation. I have just ordered the audio book. looking forward to 'hearing' it.

In regards to this season I have resigned myself to what will be. They are not doing to bad a job, I just think it's a little slow.

eddy said...

just got done listening to the IR podcast. great show guys. really really like all the information in it. was very much thinking the same things that were brought up on the show. a big pat on the back for everyone.

great info brought up by James, huh was it in this podcast, re all the science, imaginary time, light cones. i've only dabbled a little with time and space theories, but i was just able to grasp what he was saying, barely.

sorry to bring it up again, but i like the way you sorta hashed out the AT again. i have kinda thought that theAt was like a two step process. First a fork, creating the AT at the Incident. Then a separation of the two timelines, and then a growth (immediate/instantaneous) of a fresh new past for the AT. i like the train tracks analogy. now that is how i view the two coexisting timelines.