Monday, March 22, 2010


Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 8 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey and James take a second pass at this episode and incorporate fan feedback.


We'll start with James' AT and look for clues to see if there are similes to our island story. Is their a showdown coming at Locke's wedding. Is Jame's not a good liar in the AT?

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Nancy Drew said...


New articles and content is coming soon!

(First comment, hehe)

JayJay said...

Dang It. Second

Mairuzu said...

I'll have to settle for second comment. :) Darn!

So, less kvetching in this one? What do the listeners think?

I think this episode was a lot less about entertainment (although it did alright) but it was chock full of gooooood stuff to analyze.

Mairuzu said...

Doh! Jay beat me to second, even! **grumble** :)

Nancy Drew said...

I agree, Dan. And I don't think we should steer too far away from us saying if we liked the episode or not. I think we, collectively, represent part of the community and if the majority of people on the call liked the episode, then it helps us when it comes time for discussion. Some of us like the action bits, so we get excited to talk about them, while others like the Easter Eggs and Mythology, so it moves us to talk about that. I think Curt finding out if we liked the episode is just a jumping off point and should be kept in. If we a lot of callers, then it is going to seem as if we spend a while going through everyone, so in those cases, maybe some other way of going about it might help. We could always change that part from the opening of the podcast to the end as our closing thought, too.

And I wasn't kidding about the Little House episode. If someone investigates it and finds out that it wasn't "The Lord Is My Shepard", please post the correct title for us. :)

Mairuzu said...

I only asked because this isn't an initial reactions (IR) show, so it makes sense that the opinion of whether it was entertaining or not is downplayed. It's ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for the IR show because, well... it's about your REACTION. I'm just curious to see whether this one worked out better for folks that thought the kvetching was a bit much lately. :)

Personally, I'm of the opinion that nothing changes--since this one was less about wowing the audience and more about the hints and easter-eggs, but managed to still remain a well made episode, you naturally got less opinion about how entertaining it was even in the IR show.

In short: I wouldn't change anything--when episodes of Lost contain more answers and/or more questions, there'll be more to study and less opinion, but there'll always be opinion nonetheless. :)

Curt said...

I don't think it is a matter of if we were entertained or liked it that is the issue, those are initial reactions. But... when we start trying to pigeon hole it into the overall pantheon of LOST episodes and try to decide if the episode was a 7.5 or a 8.1 is when we get bogged down.

warningtrax said...

Nice show, guys.

After listening to your discussions about the crazy mother theme, I’m beginning to think that Jacob and MIB are brothers whose mother gave them this “island time-out”. It is here that they are to work through something, or resolve some issue, before they can leave. This is exactly what Jacob has been doing all this time while MIB has recognized the futility of the task and found his loop hole home. I am the youngest of two brothers and also have two sons and can see some merit in this island parenting aid!

warningtrax said...

More about Desmond...

I can’t let go of the notion that we will see that Desmond has retained all his memories of his on-island timeline in the LA_X and he will be a key figure in the story’s resolution. I’m starting to believe that the endgame for each character will be their choice: the Main Timeline or the LA_X Timeline.

It then occurred to me that we were led to believe that Juliet retained her island experience as well considering Miles’ report of “It worked.” The hatch implosion and the detonation of the warhead occurred at the same spot and possibly made another “uniquely qualified” person in Juliet. What if she is now in the LA_X still working for her ex-husband and caring for her sister in 2004, yet remembers clearly the island events that brought her to that point?

The motivations of Juliet and Desmond could possibly have them working in opposite directions where Desmond wants his island timeline to exist for the sake of Penny and little Charlie, while Juliet would want to stay in the LA_X to avoid her explosive demise. It gets really fun thinking about which reality become the “true” reality for the rest of the Losties (both the LA_X and island varieties) who are not aware that the other reality even exists.

Finally, I think the timeline resolution will only happen when our characters go back and fix something at the point where everything started to go really wrong. Jack’s biggest mistake to which the writers dedicated an entire season.

LOCKE: Please. Put the phone down.
JACK: No. You're done keeping me on this Island.
[Locke cocks the barrel]
LOCKE: I will kill you if I have to.
JACK: Then do it, John.
[Locke pauses, and then lowers the gun]
LOCKE: Jack. You're not supposed to do this.
[The phone is answered] and later...
JACK: I'm one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Can you get a fix on our location?

At this point at the end of season 3, the war is still coming but Jacob is in a much better position to win it. How many times have we heard from Jack and other that they never should have left the island? I think it is from this point that these guys need to get it right.

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