Monday, March 29, 2010

Ab Aeterno

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 9 of ABC's TV show, LOST. The crew of the Black Rock try to synthesize what we now know about the narrative into the overall show, the AT and Saving the world.


A great week of dialog from our fans but a very difficult task to integrate it all into the story.

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Mairuzu said...

First comment!! :) Hah!

I think this episode MAY have created more questions for me, honestly.

brermike said...

Popular Mechanics wrote an article regarding the Black Rock knocking down the statue and being depositing inland. I think you'll be surprised by the results. In short, it is possible for the ship to stay in tact and knock down the statue if the wave conditions are just right.

Great podcast!!

JayJay said...

In the season 4 (could be season 3, I can't remember) DVD set, and on the bonus extras disc, there's this documentary about the conspiracy of flight 815. It talks about how it is virtually impossible for a plane to land in the ocean intact. And in fact the plane would have broken up into pieces, but on island we see the ockpit intact, parts of the fuselage in one piece. That is also part of the impossible physics the world or LOST presents.

Mairuzu said...

OK.. so for example:
Does all this mean that the list and all the 'Jacob' name-dropping throughout the seasons has been genuine?

Could Jacob's list actually be Jacob's list?

Remember back to season one, when Ben said that he himself is not at the top--it's an illusive "him"? First--the avoidance to namedrop is a tad suspicious but he also claimed that "he" is not a forgiving man. And then, Ben also thought that Jacob was the one he would keep meeting at this cabin. Despite the fact that he was pretending, that time with Locke, I wonder if MiB has been trying to corrupt the Others (claiming to be Jacob) while Richard has been trying hard to honestly keep them on the side of Jacob.

Could Richard's immortality (and the causalities that lead to that immortality) be why Daniel Faraday ended up shot instead of Richard?

This was briefly brought up in the podcast, but I'm wondering what other questions this brings up that others have thought about too.

Mairuzu said...

GREAT article, btw BrerMike!

But it felt much less wrong because we didn't really watch the parts land. The Black Rock scene was distracting. When you see the Black Rock arrive, because it seems so implausible and because you actually WATCH it happen, it snaps you out of the mode of watching the show because you can't help going, "What? No. That seems highly unlikely."

JayJay said...

Someone needs to buy Lindsey a new keyboard. I don't think keyboards are that loud when typing. It was much more annoying in this podcast then any others before.

Lost Lindsey said...

sorry i will try to keep the typing down to a minimum. Maybe my keybord is just loud, that and i guess i type really loudly?? lol.

As for the mechanics of the Daniel Faraday once said. "The Light isn't quite right here." Something about the island is strange and unusual...normal mechanics dont work. Remember this is the island with a smoke monster, a bubble affect, and where time traveling is possible. Though I do agree with you, the whole black rock being able to knock down a stone statue is a bit strange...even for this island

Curt said...

You need a headset! Don't you just call with you phone? Is it in speaker mode?

Mairuzu said...

Oh how absolutely appropriate.

Lost Lindsey said...

yes i do in fact use a phone in speaker mode. I need more upgraded equipment. Anyone want to start a fund?

Ryan said...

After digesting the episode and various podcast comments I have a few theories:

We see that Ben's house in New Otherton (formerly Dharmaville) has a passage to what seems an ancient chamber to summon the Monster (which according to Ben they have no name for but use as a judgement device). This seems to indicate that despite MIB inhabiting it that it also has inherent functions. How did Dharma not know about all these caves and such right under them and feet away from where they dug basements? Or did they? Who set them up with the sonic fence? It's only purpose would seem to be to protect them from the Monster but we had no sightings of it in S5. Did we see it in "The Man Behind The Curtain" as Ben's mother? If so how did it get past the fence? Can it project past that without a physical form? What's the difference besides saving people from a physical attack?

In the last episode we see that MIB takes on the appearance of Isabella who didn't die on the island and whose body wasn't on the island. I think this is the first time that's ever happened. Previously we were shown that it could only take on forms of the dead on the island. Does this mean that it can take any form living or dead? More on that later.

It seems odd but consistent with Jacob that Richard never told anyone that the Monster was in fact Jacob's enemy who wanted to kill him and here they were using it as some sort of judgement device and security system. Even odder when they had the sonic fence and ash to protect them from it. Dogen knew the truth but how many other Others did?

Who was in the cabin?

The last episode helped me out to make a theory on this. First off it now seems that the ash circle by itself can't hold MIB/Monster out. It needs someone in the circle to imbue it with power like Bram in the premiere or Dogen at the temple. So if someone doesn't enable the ash then it can't keep MIB out. I don't think that Ben did that at that time so I have to come to the conclusion that it was MIB in the cabin. First I think that you have to throw out the appearance that "Jacob" had. If the figure seen in the cabin was Jacob (which I now don't think it was) then obviously it wasn't the actor Mark Pelligrino. The Penny we first saw on the show in Desmond's photo was just an extra and the part wasn't cast until later (and the photo was replaced on the DVD version).

I think it's MIB because I don't think Jacob would interfere on the island in that way. The cabin was Jacob's because Iilana went there and confirmed he did use it at one time but someone else had used it since. Ben somehow found out that Jacob used it but as he said you are summoned to Jacob you don't go to him unannounced. He didn't expect Jacob to be there but was using it to fake out Locke. To his surprise "Jacob" was there (how the whole "He doesn't like technology" thing fits in I don't know) but as we know he couldn't actually see or hear him but it does explain that once things started moving around he realized that "Jacob" was really there and how his lie seems to become the truth. When he realized that Locke could hear something when he couldn't that is why he shot Locke. I think it was MIB because he was able to at once shake Ben's faith and start to set up Locke re: Ben shooting him.

Back to the Monster taking on other forms. "Taller ghost Walt" is most likely MIB now taking on the appearance of a living person. This is a major confusion if it's the case because we've never actually known this can happen. So wsa he also the Wet Walt that appeared to Shannon and Sayid?

Ryan said...

Is the Monster a security system and who was claimed?

I think it more likely that Rousseau was claimed and MIB really wanted to use the baby for it's own purposes. It's 1988. MIB knows about Ben's weakness for kids. Jacob tells Widmore
through Richard to send Ben to kill the women. Instead he spares her and takes the child. This long-term leads to MIB using her to break Ben.

Is MIB Christian?

I don't think MIB is Christian. Why would he appear as Christian to Michael, Frank, Sun, Hurley and weirdest of all Vincent? In the cabin Hurley saw the "Jacob" figure (who I now think was MIB) and suited Christian together. What was the deception of appearing as 2 figures and adding to that was Hurley seeing his first dead person in Christian?

Claire talks about not being alone and having her father and her friend to help her. Based on what we've seen it could be that dead Christian (was I think was dead for about a day or so) was "claimed" like Sayid and brought back to life and is now in the service of MIB. He appears in the cabin to Locke, went to get Claire and at the end of Season 4 used the whispers to get to the boat and told Michael he could go. Christian appearing to Locke a couple of times seems odd except that he did drop the "Say hello to my son." and using that did get Jack going combined with seeing Christian off the island at the hospital. MIB needed to draw the candidates back to the island to deal with them. He couldn't just allow them to stay off the island. I think he needs them there to deal with them. This would also play into the story in that MIB didn't want Widmore's freighter to come the island because he didn't want anyone to leave. I think it's possible that Jacob actually has seen and talked to Widmore and that Widmore who seems to be such a bastard is actually the real good guy (or about as good as a you could be in the circumstances).

Nancy Drew said...

Wow! Great discussion going on in here!

On the one hand I want to fully believe that Christian on the island has been MIB the whole time. But what makes me wonder if he really was MIB is the fact that he was in the hospital where Jack works. If he was able to leave the island in the form of Christian Shepard, then why would he need Locke? Why would he have gone back if he wanted to be freed from it?

The Walt-thing I think was all part of Walt's captivity with the Others. Why else would they ask Michael if he could appear in two places at once or somewhere he wasn't supposed to be? I think they may have done some experiments on Walt--and maybe one that resembled the consciousness time travel like Desmond. Remember the whole, "Don't open it, Mr. Locke. Don't open that hatch." Creepy!

I am also confused about the cabin and whose residence it is. I would actually guess that it's been MIB's all along. Maybe the reason why he looks different (aside from casting differences) is because he was trapped in a different body for too long. I always thought it looked like Horace Goodspeed. If he were to stay trapped in John's body for too long, would John look like that, too?

It will definitely be interesting to go back and watch AGAIN from the beginning--or at least from Season 2--to see when Jacob's name is used for leverage by Ben and the reaction of Richard. He would probably know at that point that Ben was dealing with MIB, wouldn't you think?

Mairuzu said...

GREAT stuff, Ryan!

Nood said...

Aparently not everyone was 100% happy about how the Black Rock came to be in the middle or the island or how the statue was destroyed, so I've very poorly animated a flash sideways version...