Monday, April 12, 2010

Happily Ever After

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 11 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey along with James. Collectively we take a second look to see if there are any new theories or how existing ones are holding up.


Is Eloise even more important than we thought? Lindsey gives everyone a headache with her stroll into Imaginary Time but then is it just another way to move through time? ...tell a story? Clearly a *reset* has entered the narrative but is this the first one, or last one? When Desmond woke up when he was engaged to Ruth, was it Jacob and not brother Campbell who made Desmond know exactly what he had to do?

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Mairuzu said...

First post! HAH!

Also... in fear of an 'it was all Desmond's fevered hospitalized dreeeeam' ending. >.<

Nancy Drew said...

I am a little confused about something--and it's my own fault for starting to think on it in the first place. Charlie was telling Desmond about how he choked on his bag of heroin and it was when he blacked out that he saw Claire. After that, Charlie continued to put himself in harm's way because he felt it was dying in that reality that sent him to her in the other reality. So a couple of thoughts on that:

1. Is the Charlie, Eko, Ana Lucia, etc. that Hurley sees as "ghosts" able to come to him because they're NOT dead in the other time line, even though they're dead in this one? Jacob would be one to fit this description, too, if this is the case.

2. Is the ALT the "home" that MIB wants to get back to? Everything seems to come in two's with Lost, including time lines. If we have two "powers" (Jacob and MIB), wouldn't it stand to reason that one time line isn't enough? In a mirrored reality, MIB COULD be Jacob--which would go along with the theories that Jacob and MIB are the same person. It would be like having both OT Eloise and ALT Eloise on the island, right?

Mairuzu said...

It would also click quite nicely with the theory I had that MiB might have been claiming to be Jacob to Ben all this time in the cabin.. and why Ben was so upset with MiW Jacob for never communicating with him as the new leader of the Others.

I don't cling to that theory, though, and I doubt that you're right about them being two sides of the same person.

Nancy Drew said...

Here's another thought.....

What if Desmond's consciousness from 2007 was sent to the ATL Desmond-consciousness of 2004 by Widmore via coils so that Jacob's consciousness would have a "vessel" of sorts to transfer into? It would explain why he was so docile and willing to go with Sayid at the end. He (Jacob) would be going to straight to MIB (John) to stop him. Desmond is the one that has now become Jacob.

warningtrax said...

Nice podcast, guys.

I believe Desmond’s ability to survive catastrophic electromagnetic events is not the result of the injections, but rather the regular dosing of electromagnetism he received every 108 minutes for three years while in the Swan. He wasn’t dosed by a needle-- he was dosed by the Enter Key. Furthermore, I think someone knew that would be the case all along.

When Desmond’s life events prior to his stay in the Swan are examined, it appears that he was provided with the necessary training to successfully live three years underground performing what appeared to be a menial task. He learned to live in isolation while in the monastery and adapted to incarceration and learned discipline during his stay in the military and military prison. He was provided the will to press on from the hope of a reunion with Penny. He was given a specific time to be at the island in the form of a boat race and was even given a boat from Libby to make sure he arrived. After he turned the failsafe key, he was later shown the importance of having a constant from Daniel and was additionally given a brief explanation of how this time travel stuff works. He is now ready to save the world.

I believe the Swan hatch was built specifically for a candidate to gain the ability to survive catastrophic electromagnetic events thereby giving them unique time-and-consciousness-jumping abilities. Desmond’s life prior to turning the failsafe key was carefully shepherded toward that end and it appears that Ms. Hawking is that shepherd. Everything we’ve been shown concerning Desmond’s life has been controlled precisely to bring him exactly where he is right now. Desmond’s “unique qualifications” are not serendipitous at all-- it was planned from the beginning.

Finally, I have always wondered why the Swan was manned. Couldn’t its core function, as described by Kelvin, be easily automated? Maybe this explanation is why.

Kunal said...

Warningtrax, you just blew my mind. Very nicely connected.

Mairuzu said...

Noo nooo noooo.. I don't like it. Mostly because I didn't think of it first. :)

Eric Weissen said...

Warning Trax, incredible!

Looking forward to watch tonight's show tomorrow!