Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LA X - Community Call

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 1 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey and our friends from the Smoke Hatch help us try to process the latest episode.


So... do we have multiple timelines or have we seen the ending already? Is Sayid the new Jacob, where's Shannon?


Mairuzu said...

Incredibly, the writers have managed to delve into the cheesiest bag of cop-out plot elements like the supernatural, time traveling and now multiple dimensions/time-lines.

Mind you, they have done a pretty darn good job of skirting those things without doing all the very same things EEEEVERY other show or movie has done, and made it interesting. They time traveled but they couldn't change history.. and they were TRYING to.. which caused the very history they were trying to change.

Anyway, ultimately, we'll have to see how this shakes out.. but I was already down on time traveling before season 5 and I came away liking what they did with it. We'll see what they do with this multi-dimensional business too. I just hope they didn't jump the shark with this one element.

Nancy Drew said...

As I've been sitting here thinking today, I wonder if the water at the barracks--when Ben pulled the plug in the drain that resulted in calling Smokey--is connected to the water at the Temple. Either they would hold similar properties or be the Yin to the other's Yang.

JayJay said...

I don't think Windmore is involved anymore off island. That means Desmond doesn't get on a boat to sail around the world. But I wonder if he's still unique, or was it the island and the electromagnetism that made him unique.

JayJay said...

I gotta say this was the best I've ever heard Curt in a long time. It's usually him that goes in and out with the sound. I could actually hear Lindsey better in this recording. Some of the smoke hatch guys were a bit faint, but overall, I think it's the best quality I've heard since the rewatch.

arturo said...

I was a bit disappointed with the premier episode, mainly due to the fact that Flocke is a shape shifting smoke-monster, and not a security system... and I hope temple is not smokey's home because that would not make any sense, because he lives just a few feet under the temple and the floors are all cracked, so there is no difficulty in getting inside the temple...

It is not as twisted as I thought, but alternate timeline idea seems to be promising. I bet that alternate timeline will end the same way Desmond returned to consciousness after the hatch implosion.

I think they are physically still on an island but their consciousness is in both times, probably, they will start remembering things about the island and will be back and thats how the alternate timeline will join with the island timeline.

Great podcast as usual!
Looking forward to the next episode!

Watch Season Episode News said...

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warningtrax said...

Great job, guys. I’ve been listening for quite some time and decided to participate before the only show on television worth watching is off the air.

Just some thoughts....

The Oceanic 815 flight of S01 was supposedly over 1,000 miles off course at the time of the crash yet we are shown that the ALT S06 flight flies over the vicinity of the sunken island. Unless the S06 flight was off course as well, we shouldn’t expect the island to be anywhere nearby at any point on the ALT S06 route.

In the foot of the statue, fLocke retreats into the shadows as the Ajira team opens fire yet the smoke monster is shown coming through the front door, which suggests the monster was summoned and fLocke was merely taking cover as Ben did.

At the end of S05, Richard tells Sun that he “watched them all die,” referring to Jin and the others now at the Temple. Are we to assume that Richard somehow witnessed the shootout at the Swan worksite or is he speaking of another event?

Hopefully we will see the story of Hurley winning the lottery in ALT S06 as we are currently lead to believe that what will become the source of the winning lottery numbers is destroyed in 1977.

Sayid should have an interesting story to tell if he is indeed still Sayid. He spent a considerable amount of time on the “other side” compared to Juliet’s apparent fleeting glimpse. Was that a British accent I heard?

To me, the episode title “LA_X” remains a mystery. The Los Angeles 10?

A confrontation between the Temple Leader and Ben, former leader of the Others and killler of Jacob, would be very interesting. It doesn’t appear that these two were ever on the same page. The Temple Others fully expected a visit from Jacob and we were lead to believe that this is not an extraordinary event. In contrast, Ben has never even met Jacob. It’s beginning to look like both Ben and Richard were played.

Nancy Drew said...

There is a lot of speculation that Sayid is going to be inhabited by Jacob, but I think Sayid actually might parallel Richard instead. Richard said that Jacob made him the way he was--anti-aging. Jacob is also the one that told Hurley to take Sayid to the temple and that was the only way to save him. So, will that mean that Jacob has now made Sayid this way, too?
Also, I did some interesting reading on "ash". According to Aelfric, an 8th century BC Anglo-Saxon abbot, ""We read in the books both in the Old Law and in the New that the men who repented of their sins bestrewed themselves with ashes and clothed their bodies with sackcloth. Now let us do this little at the beginning of our Lent that we strew ashes upon our heads to signify that we ought to repent of our sins during the Lenten fast." Aelfric then proceeds to tell the tale of a man who refused to go to church for the ashes and was accidentally killed several days later in a boar hunt! As Aelfric suggests, the pouring of ashes on one's body (and dressing in sackcloth, a very rough material) as an outer manifestation of inner repentance or mourning is an ancient practice. It is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. What is probably the earliest occurrence is found at the very end of the book of Job. Job, having been rebuked by God, confesses, "Therefore I despise myself and repent in dust and ashes" (Job 42:6). In the typical Ash Wednesday observance, Christians are invited to the altar to receive the imposition of ashes, prior to receiving the holy Supper. The Pastor applies ashes in the shape of the cross on the forehead of each, while speaking the words, "For dust you are and to dust you shall return" (Genesis 3:19). This is of course what God spoke to Adam and Eve after they eaten of the forbidden fruit and fallen into sin. These words indicated to our first parents the bitterest fruit of their sin, namely death. In the context of the Ash Wednesday imposition of ashes, they remind each penitent of their sinfulness and mortality, and, thus, their need to repent and get right with God before it is too late.

This explanation seems to go hand-in-hand with what Smokey stands for when he's in "judgement" mode and it would make sense that if someone, like Bram, encircles himself in ash, it acts like a barrier of repentence for protection from the one that can see your inner guilt and sin.

JayJay said...

I believe that is Navin Andrew's real voice. He's a british citizen, when he plays Sayid, he puts on a fake arabic accent.

Eric Weissen said...

Once again an excellent Podcast.

You made the hiatus bearable.

Thank you from London, England.

Are you doing to Podcasts per episode for this season?

Mairuzu said...

We're definitely doing an initial reactions show for each episode as soon as it finishes airing on the eastern time zone in the US east coast (GMT -5 during daylight savings time during fall and winter, GMT -4 during standard time during the spring and summer).

We're debating the value of the more formalized regular podcast series. For now, we're planning on doing them and they record on Sundays.

So, for now, we intend to have TWO podcasts for every Lost airing.

Degringolade said...


There is a really great LOST discussion forum you should check out.

There is free booze. And dancing girls. And Skittles.

Nancy Drew said...

You know, I wanted to say that that was cheating, but it was funny and extremely creative, so if that works to get him there, then you win! hahahaha!

Thanks for the laugh...needed it!

arturo said...

I was wondering if you guys are still going to put podcasts on itunes, it is really convenient for ipod/iphone users like me to directly download to device. MP3 is fine to but requires extra 2 clicks :(

Eric Weissen said...

Hey Guys,

Anti Jacob/Flocke said that Lock was the only one that didn't want to leave the island, well Rose didn't also.

Robert R said...

I really enjoyed the podcast Tue. I just listened to Al Trautwig's MSG post and he had a (to me) fascinating thought that of the 2 timelines, one represented Fate (island) and one Free Will (LA X). At least that's what I think he meant to say, because he kept saying Fate v. Destiny, which to me are the same.

Anyway, he also noted that when Jack was missing his pen when he needed it for Charlie's tracheotomy, it was because Kate nicked it to use later on her cuffs! That didn't register with me at all. He also got the callback to Jack making fun of Boone when the latter suggested the pen tracheotomy in "Pilot", which I did get the 1st time.

One thought about the "X" being set apart in "LA X". In this form, "X" could be a variable. Or a constant. Maybe nothing, maybe something.

Love the show, love ruminating about it with you guys. Thanks again.

Eric Weissen said...

Jacob used to reside in the Cabin. To entrap anti jacob he was baited to go to the cabin and when he was in there the followers of Jacob laid the circle of ash. This was the first triumph against anti Jacob.

Richard was a slave on the Black Rock.

Ani Jacob has always been the smoke monster and also Christian Shepherd.

Uncle Milty said...

Totally agree w/ Eric on the Nemesis=Christian thing, especially when you consider the similarities in dead Christian v. dead Locke situations. Assume for a moment that every time Christian has appeared to someone, it was to influence them to make a choice that furthered the ends of Nemesis, among those the creation of the loophole. Gives new meaning to "You've no idea what I've been through to get here."

Curt said...

Arturo, we've always been on iTunes and still are. Twice in fact! One that I registered years a go and one that TalkShoe does. You can tell the difference because mine had the reWatch shows in the feed. From our 'subscribe' page you should be able to subscribe using iTunes and a dizzying array of other aggregators.

arturo said...

Curt, great thanks for the info, and thanks for making Lost more fun!