Monday, February 15, 2010

What Kate Does

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 3 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey and Special Guest Eve take a second pass at this episode and incorporate fan feedback.


We'll try and begin to explore how these story lines, the alternate one in particular, will be brought back into the main story. Imaginary Time?


Keys To Lost said...

Just part way through your Sunday Night "What Kate Does" but I have a question for Nancy Drew.

Was Sayid not touched by Jacob as well in the scene where Nadia is killed? So has he not already been claimed for Jacob?

Plus I don't think Russeau was claimed - she was the only one of her team that wasn't. Thank you Curt!

Nancy Drew said...

Hi Matt!

Ok, so I've done some digging and may have come up with some similarities in Jacob's visits that MIGHT have something to do with answering your question. When Jacob touches Kate, Jack, James, and Sun, he actually touches skin (nose, fingers, and arm). When Jacob touches Jin, John, and Sayid, it is on their shoulders, which are covered with clothing (John now has a doppleganger that is MIB and Sayid is now "claimed". Jin was touched on his arm/shoulder through a suit, but we may not know yet if he is "claimed" or not.). Hurley, though, was different from the other Losties. Jacob touched his chest--over his heart--which was clothed, but was also giving him the speech about how talking to the dead wasn't a curse, it was a blessing (and we find out later that it IS a blessing because he can talk to Jacob). Ilana was touched while Jacob was wearing gloves........

Some parellels to go with this would be that Jack, James, and Kate--who were touched with skin contact--are also part of Jacob's list. Hurley, also.

And as for Rousseau.....I'm still thinking that she is "claimed". She's a hunter--setting traps--and I keep remembering back to the translation of the distress call:

The radio tower message suggests that another person (Brennan) was alive and had taken some keys. She also says that "it [or he] killed them all" and that "it [or he] was outside her location when she was recording her message." The message could refer to the Monster, as she seemed to believe it was responsible for making her team sick.

Also, Widmore ordered that Ben kill Rousseau (and baby)and that makes me think that they knew she was "claimed". Ben disobeyed and let her live, but warned her to stay away from the whispers. After thinking about this today, I am left wondering if the monster (MIB) was trying to get to Rousseau in the radio tower because she was giving birth to Alex. Knowing that it is suspected that Aaron may have been "revived" while still in the womb, I wonder now if Aaron is actually "claimed", living off-island, and will actually become the "handful" that the psychic and Ethan predict.

arturo said...

Hi Guys, great podcast as usual!

I'm afraid we will see at least 1 more major Kate centric episode, because in "What Kate Does" we didn't really see what did Kate do... I mean to her daddy, did she kill him in flash-sideway or not? Or perhaps, the writers meant by What Kate Does, is what she does, just follow somebody and lie to others and just get into trouble...

Anonymous said...

Jacob tells Hurley its a "Blessing" to see dead is this ever right?
As far as I remember, it didnt turn out too well for Haley Joel Osment. Jacob has used Hurley, just like he has interfered in all the losties lives.
If he didnt let Kate off with stealing when she was little the police would have come and she may have not done it again and hence never lived the life she did.

He distracted Sayid, and Nadia was killed...this wouldnt have happened if Jacob hadnt of interjected.

He gave Sawyer the pen which led to him writing the letter which in turn consumed a young childs mind who is not capable of dealing with the emotional fallout of such a tragic event. This stays with him into adulthood.

He could have saved John Locke from falling from the window, he obviously knew it was going to happen.

How can this character be good, both he and the MIB are using humans like pawns, like labrats.

Stephen Large (Is-On-To-Jacob)

Curt said...

I've always based my belief on Jacob's seeming belief in humanity over MIB and... I have always maintained that they were like 'titans' and manipulating humans like pawns so no argument there maintaining an openness to and 'end' that justified the 'means'. Still, I can see your point. I always thought nothing less than saving-the-world was at stake here too. If Jacob orchestrated so much, why did it lead to his death? Would the show take such a huge stand against religion or is this a book of Joab thing, or the devil masquerading as God. I'm going to need some time in the smoke hut with this one.

Curt said...

Also, I'm not so sure he killed Nadia so much as he save Sayid. I'll give you Sawyers story but Kate's seems like a reach.

I think Kate and Sawyer's role is fundamentally different than the other losties, possibly Adam and Eve (I know that kicks out at every convenient moment buy heh, why not)

Sgrmac said...

I like your podcast, but I don't care for your reaction to the most recent show. I think that these flash-sideways are giving us more than you realize. Plus, the over-arching theme of this episode is TRUST...another great theme found throughout the entire run.

Anonymous said...

Quick quesiton: does the chat entry box not show up for anyone else during the live call shows on Talkshoe? I got an account there that I have had for a while but even if I sign in with that rather than guest it doesn't allow me to type anything.