Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lighthouse - Community Call

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 1 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey and our friends from the Smoke Hatch help us try to process the latest episode in our popular Initial Reactions format.


Ooohhh, another good one with lots of exposition, a new landmark and more name and numbers, including Kate's.


eddy said...

hey guys, i'm still listening to your IR, after streaming the episode.

so some initial thoughts. woo hoo first comment :)

Jacob has a plan. like Ben seems to "always have a plan"

Claire = crazy. a psychopath. the eyes tell so much. "not quite there" eyes. totally in the thrall of MIB.
She mentions Christian and her friend as if they are two people. o wow, Lindsey just made the point on the podcast.

clock in Jack's house as he talks to his mother. The time was 2.51pm30secs. But another interpretation could be a reference to Ajira 316. One hand pointing to 3, other hand to 10 and seconds hand pointing to 6. 3. 10 + 6. 316? too far a stretch?

Dogen - "everything is an option"

Jacob - "You should probably get a pen. You're gonna have to write a few things down" awesome. that's all of us fans.
Jacob could totally have looked straight at the camera and winked at the Lost fans.

Jacob tells Hurley that someone's coming to the island and he needs to help him find it. So after the ruse that was played on Hurley, turning the lighthouse to 108deg was not the endgame, getting Jack there was the endgame. So here's my take. I don't think its Desmond that needs to come to the island but that would be awesome. Unless the mirrors can be fixed, the lighthouse in a lighthouse-capacity has been rendered useless. Also its ability to gaze at the lives of the last remaining numbers.

Jack is the one who needs to come to the Island - in a sense. He may be standing on the island but he's not there yet. He came back to get fixed becos he feels broken. Jacob says he must find his own way, and part of leading him to the lighthouse to show him something that would cause him to smash the mirrors was just the catalyst. now Jacob is needing Jack to "look out to the ocean" and find his way.

so there's 360 deg, so ... 360 names?

mirror images definitely a factor. looking glass/wonderland reference. jack's image in the pool of water. jack in the mirror at home. the mirrors of the lighthouse.

McCutcheon on table of drinks at Jack's mom's.

Will Sayed go native like Claire and what if anything will stop him from the darkness reaching his heart.

eddy said...

Some more thoughts for the AT and its significance.

If we go with the Darlton PARALLEL timelines reasoning then here’s what I think after seeing the first few episodes. Especially with Jack’s scar and his phone call to mom. So he kinda like gets the memory of an event that already should be in his memory. (Maybe like a Desmond – when he conveniently “remembered”

I’m looking way back into my biology but the idea of cell division – mitosis or meiosis.

So the split in the timelines happen from a single point. Now we have two divergent time streams. Like Mitosis, the parent cell creates two daughter cells that are identical. But I’m borrowing the idea and not the full concept of creating identical cells. The idea that once split, we get half the genetic material in each, and then it will duplicate the cellular material so two cells will have two sets of genetic information from one cell.

Now we have two timelines – and the AT will automatically/instantaneously “grow” a full past that is as real as if it were lived. That’s why I think things like the appendix scar “always” happened but only when referenced and “remembered”.

To take it further we also have meiosis. The production of a new cell when we have two types of genetic information. Its how we make babies. Each cell donates half of the genetic material of the host parent cell to make a full set for the daughter cell.

The divergent time streams will be pulled together to create a new whole.

Apolgies to Biologists if some info is incorrect.

eddy said...

so Dogen knows about the Candidate/s - but Richard doesn't?

eddy said...

Dan - great War Games reference. you dropped a WOPR with that one.i was thinking the exact same thing as you guys were talking about TIC TAC TOE.

even to the point made "the only winning move is not to play"

Joey said...

I know people disagree, but I'm trying to get people in the "flash sideways" are the end of the show camp.

check out this image:

look at the loop and let me know if you think it plays into the show / what we've been seeing

Eric Weissen said...

Another lacklustre episode for me. I am tired of the Jackcentric episodes and Kate just slows the whole thing down. Anyway I'm sure that the podcast will help me after this anticlimax.

Dan, wake up buddy! :)

Mairuzu said...

Eric, you ignorant slut. (joke.. SNL reference.. don't hit the face, please)

I disagree. I'm not tired of the Jack-centric episodes because they're very much central to the storyline just as much as Locke, Sawyer and Hurley are, and nearly as central as Jacob and the Smokeman. (Sounds like a good title for a spin-off show, don't you think? JACOB & The SMOKEMAN.)

I don't feel that Kate slows things down either. Her character hasn't been portrayed in a way that makes me want to really like her, but as a character in this plot, she doesn't slow it down with the only exception being the 'filler' episode of 'What Kate Does' in this season.

Also.. big thanks to Eddy for props on the WOPR/Joshua references. I really do think that the tiresome tie outcomes and Miles' sarcasm drove home the reference for me.

NOTE: No sheep were harmed during snoozing in the previous podcast.

Mairuzu said...

Also, @Joey:
That's not a bad theory--especially since Ben said as much in one piece of dialog (which, I might add, was also used in the new Battlestar Galactica remake): "This has all happened before and it'll happen again." (Or something similar to that phrase, I may be slightly misquoting it.)

warningtrax said...

Jack’s scar in the LA_X Reality effectively torpedoes all of my theories concerning how these separate but equal realities will reconcile. Maybe Desmond’s physicist buddy Donovan was onto something: “Your thesis is a bit neat. The wild card part which is unpredictability -- run the same test 10 times -- you'll 10 different outcomes. It's what makes life so wonderfully...”

Too bad he was then interrupted by a drenched Scotsman.

There’s definitely something not at all right with New Hair Claire. Her actions were not even Rousseau-like; more Freddie Kruger-esque.

The Jacob-MIB story that’s unfolding is strangely reminiscent of the situation in the Swan. Is the island being protected or is the world being saved?

What lies in the shadow of the statue? What did one snowman say to the other? Everyone’s looking for candidates on this island.

INMAN: I lied to you because I needed a sucker to save the world after I left.

Maybe Jacob words that a little nicer when he finds his sucker.

If Wallace turns out to be a new character of significance, I think I will puke.

warningtrax said...

To Eddy: "the only winning move is not to play", unless you can change the rules.

eddy said...

another spin off Dan - Smokey and the Bandit (Kate)

uhhhh... i got nothin'.... :)

warningtrax said...

I just finished re-watching and this had to be all over the blogs by now-- the noise from the chain and gears from the lighthouse mirror is one of the Smokey sounds????

warningtrax said...

...and I bet it will be revealed that another one of Smokey's signature noises is the sound of a name being scratched out!

arturo said...

I'm starting to suspect that Jacob wanted to be killed, like it is part of the whole plan. This starts to make sense:

1. White + Black = balance
2. White is dead = off balance
3. Black is dead = off balance
4. Both dead = end.

Jack is probably Jacob's replacement, because Hurley is just a communication device, and probably all the other losties are just supports for Jack's candidacy.

What doesn't make sense is if Jacob will have a replacement, than doesn't MIB needs a replacement as well to keep things in balance?

Ryan said...


The normal timeline that we know is one created by influences by both Jacob and MIB. MIB is the darkness that takes advantage of people's weakness. He revels in creating weakness.

The other timeline is the one that only has Jacob's influence which is one that let's people find themselves and reinforces strength.

If it was all Jacob's way the island would be finished as would his job and the world would be saved. MIB's way in the regular timeline will end with the destruction of everything.

Eric Weissen said...

Hey Mairuzu, alright buddy you got me. Maybe I'm expecting too much ;) I love this show, I mean I watch every episode twice following airing, have rewatched from season one twice and listen to Black Rock Podcasts religiously!

I really expected this season to be faster moving with more expose. I'm getting concerned that there's only a few more episodes left and are hoping that they will pull something big out of the bag.

To be honest I think you guys have already discussed the ending a while back it's just that the writers have been taking us down a winding road trying to throw us off.

wow what a rant!

Blackrock forever! And guys I am expecting a debriefing podcast after full rewatch analysis podcast after this show finishes (please).

eddy said...

hey eric. i lol when i read your last comments. you said you thought this season will be faster moving with more Exposé. hahaha

i know what you meant but i thought of Nikki and Paolo. i think horowitz and kitsis have actually prepared 10 or so episodes of Exposé as an actual show if it ever gets greenlit.

have listened to the podcast for the IR review. yeah i'm not buying the "we've seen the end" with the LA X timeline as the end of Lost. i'm not prepared for that rug to be pulled from me.

redemption is a road that must be walked or a journey taken. a button can't be pushed or bomb exploded. to negate what has happened so far to our Losties would be a real slap in the face. the redemption is also earned from an audience which has gone thru the journey with the characters.

i still cannot get a solid unifying theory for the AT. why it exists and why its important. some say we should be invested because its our Losties, but no! they aren't our Losties. We don't know (much of) what happened in their lives to get them onto Flight 815X. I still say we cannot make ANY solid assumptions for the 815X losties, only on exposition and best guesses.

One of the most powerful scenes of LOST was in Walkabout, when we have seen all episode what Locke was going thru off island, then we get the whirrr of the engines, Giacchino's score moving to a crescendo as we see Lock wiggle his toes - we've just seen him in a wheelchair - and then he gets the realisation and gets up, and goes off into his destiny.... which we know is to die at the hands of Ben... so far anyways... here's hoping for more Locke as John Locke - nothing stays buried on this island?.... foreshadowing?...

btw, how long is the trek from Statue to Boone Hill?

JayJay said...

Come on guys the whole lighthouse reflection stuff has all got to be some kind of vodoo magic. Hence the reference to SMOKE & MIRRORS :-)

Curt said...

Smoke & Mirrors... Brilliant!

Eckhard said...

Hello Guys,

On the island is Season 6 - off the island is “season7″(epilogue)

This means: The nuke didn’t sink island.

Which raises the question How do they get from 2007 (on the island) to 2004 (off the island)
Which also means that Esau gets them off the island

But it doesn’t mean that Jacob “loses”.
It just means he needs someone els to stay on the island.

Desmond and Penny. (ADAM AND EVE)

marlene said...

Hey guys, thanks for the podcast. I've enjoyed it from the start and the re-watch was a great lead up to season six. A few thoughts:
For mirror images, Faraday plays the piano as a kid (and in fact tells his mother he will "make time" for it) and now David also plays piano in the "made" time.
Also, I think there is no comparison between Claire and Rousseau except for the obvious surface details. Rousseau was never sadistic. She was a survivor and all heart. Whereas Claire is just batty - the same dumb kid, but now heartless too. Like eddy says, the eyes not quite there.

eddy said...

hey marlene - you must be like me and make sure you read all the posts ie your reference to the "claire eyes"

i got some more thoughts re claire and comparison to rousseau which i have to dump.

i'm sure others have questioned this - but did Claire flash with the rest of the on Island Losties before the FDW got fixed on its axis? If not then she was more like RA who didn't flash. She was there from 2004 til 2007, going native. To draw out the point further, so she was "infected", what did she do for three years. MIB was telling her lies esp re Aaron. the exposition tells us that she did not flash.

she was captured by temple Others, and tested since she showed us her "mark". since the Losties just arrived in 2007 not too long ago, then she did not flash.

so now her comparison to rousseau. i take my starting point from marlene. i say rousseau was not/never was infected. her kookiness can be seen as a perfectly human response to having a child taken from you and being alone in the jungle, surviving. there were parallels in the electro torture scene with sayed and dogen, but i'm sure she was not trying to detect the sickness. based on her exposition, she said that the Others were the carriers of this sickness. hmm maybe she was just loopy with her theory. she was just trying to get answers. she said she never sees the Others, just hears whispers. But we know she at least saw Ben when he took Alex.
(just watched the scene again to see if i get any more clues)

If rousseau was infected/claimed or under the influence of MIB then what was his game plan for 16 years with her? she never had a "friend" to play with in her experience until she met sayed.

anyways, i think the best way to interpret her scene with sayed is to get the gist of the information. she's been stuck here for 16 years. there are others. look out for whispers.

eddy said...

i'm not the first with this thought but i was trying to remember the lady's name.

here's the link to lostpedia

i was totally thinking SHE was David's mom. i'm pretty sure its not supposed to be a great mystery to know who David's mother is. But since they did not reveal her, its just more fodder for board discussions.

eddy said...

can we definitively say that MIB=bad, Jacob=good. i know we do not want to use such terms, better to use
MIB= dark, Jacob=light. but we have not seen Jacob overtly evil or weird, whereas we now have crazy Claire who is directly linked to MIB.

But this "begs the question" - (curt hehe) of how we feel towards characters who we have seen commit terrible crimes but we now sorta root for.

Ben - killed his father, murdered Ben,
Kate - killed her father Wayne
James - killed the guy in australia, killed anthony cooper

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of "TV Critic" podcasters on this podcast. We don't tune in to this cast to hear critique of the timeline and the producers. We are looking for theories....ideas....discussion. Can you please stop being so negative about the parallel timeline and the storyline. If we want tv crticism we will read TV Guide or Tom Shales. We listen here for the theories and the mythology. Please focus on that!