Monday, February 8, 2010

LA X pts 1&2

Black Rock LOST Podcast: Season 6 episode 1 of ABC's TV show, LOST. Curt, Dan, Nancy Drew, Lost Lindsey take a second pass at this episode and incorporate fan feedback.


The Alternate/Parallel time-line has only grown more confusing in as we explore some of the 'differences'.


Keys To Lost said...

Thank you all so much for paying attention to the other timeline in LOST introduced this week. Many of your fellow LOST podcasts (KTL included) did little more than just acknowlege it's existance, while you all explored its differences, but more importantly - it's meaning. I have a couple of comments about that. First - I like the notion brought up by Dan and all in regards that we may see a parallel 108 days that will encompass this time line. A really neat thought!

Some other differences - didn't Bernard have his wedding band on? (As opposed to it being on a chain on Rose's neck because his fingers swelled). In the customs line the female customs officer refers to Sun as Miss Paik (not sure how Korean passports work though) - plus I didn't see a wedding band on either of them).

I still think that Locke was probably lying about going on the walkabout - I can't imagine in any change that a tour company would change it's policy towards liability on a walkabout.

In a recent set of interviews and the official LOST podcast Darlton say that the character 'archetypes' are the same but many of their circumstances have changed.

As far as why the island sank. I'm not convinced the bomb had anything to do with the island, but have no real conclusions as to the actual why.

I've suffered the twitter storm that the island floats independantly near the surface and the bomb could have 'blown a hole' causing the island to sink' but the mention of an existance of volcano in 'Man Behind the Curtain' clearly suggests to me that the island is built up from the sea floor like most other islands. We know of nuclear testing in the south pacific in 50's, and I know of no evidence that any islands were sunk. Additionally - most of the 'fuel' for Jughead was left behind and only the warhead was used. (not nearly as powerful as bombs tested on the islands in the 50's)

Thanks for a great podcast.


Curt said...

Thanks Matt, I was not aware of how other shows had treated this episode and felt we just tried to stay true to the Black Rock approach.

I also hope you heard my shout out to you guys in our prolouge episode for opening my eyes to the sound-scape and the genius that is Giachino (sp?). I know of no other show that brought this angle to our community and I for one, am grateful.

Mairuzu said...

HAH! Funny. The author of the podcast manager I used to use on my Nokia N800 (Thomas Perl) named his newest release of his gpodder application 'LA X'.

"2010-02-05: gPodder 2.2 "LA X" released"

Awesome. :) Fan are everywhere.

Keys To Lost said...

Thanks for those kind words and the shout out. It was a great deal of fun and always a mind broadening education to participate with this top rung crew on some of the re-watches. Continued success to your fantastic podcast and let's hopefully see this show to an end that lives up to its promise. :)


Frasky said...
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Impiii said...

You guys critizied the writers for taking the liberty of placing the sunken island under flight 815 in the alternate timeline.
But since we know the island was always moving and most likely sunk in 1977 how can we not say that it sunk at that specific place and not on the one it was in the original 2004 timeline.

Greeting from germany

Curt said...

Good point about the island location